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Ginger Says – Imagine The Wildhearts’ best tunes, multiply by ten and slap a smile on it

By Ginger | March 1, 1999

Ginger, 1994.  Photographer unknown.Hey, you. Nice to see you dropped by.

The Wildhearts were a good band and it’s nice to see that they had an effect on people. Job done. And this is now. Danny is rocking like a bastard in The Yo-Yo’s, Ritch is newly married to his gal Emma B (formerly Emma B) and is making ultra-huge rock dance beats, and Jef is doing something called Plan B that I’ve yet to hear. And I’m bumming around the world.

Since this month finds me in LA, I’m doing an album here featuring nearly all of my favourite people in the world. Sooner or later you’ve got to treat yourself and that’s just what I’m planning on doing. For the rest of my life. Give it a shot, you might like it. One of the familiar faces (to some of you) that will be on the new album is Bam, who played with us on our first two EPs and was better known as one of The Dogs D’Amour.

This whole computer lark is a bit new to me, but I’m going to make best use of it as a means of making available rare pre-album demos (that I only slightly remember recording) of songs that never saw a studio. There’ll also be rare Wildhearts video compilations filmed by ourselves and our friends, with early gigs featuring early line-ups, and stuff that I’m recording but will never release. And rest assured, these CDs will be professionally mastered and packaged. We never willingly ripped anyone off, so I’m not going to start now.

And seeing that The Wildhearts have cleaned up our act, you are welcome to ask anything you want and we can clear up some of these rumours that have been flying around for the last few years. If there’s any reason in the world to get into this, then it’s to give young bands a few tips on what not to do and save you a bit of time, and to answer any questions you want to ask about pretty much anything. I’ll keep updating information as soon as I get it, and let you know any touring or album news before some magazine gets hold of it. You kept us alive so the least I can do is speak to you on a more personal level. So keep those questions coming in and I’ll eventually answer them all.

Music is supposed to be fun, so let’s go.

To the beginning of a new chapter, glad to have you along…


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