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Return Of The Geordi

By Kris | March 1, 1999

The Wit And Wisdom Of Ginger · Compiled by Darren Stockford
Ginger... Yoda

“Mmmmm… help you I will!” Looking back at past press interviews, and particularly the hand-written sleeve notes for the Japanese double Best Of The Wildhearts CD, we’ve noticed how often Ginger sounds like a wise old sage, advising and philosophising on the nature of life, love and rock ‘n’ roll. Collected here, then, for your enlightenment and entertainment, is the best of his teachings. “So, you want to be a Geordi..? Way-aye, mon!” (With apologies to Geordies everywhere… oh, and George Lucas!)

“To really know the dark and the light is to be more complete. It is said that happiness is for people who don’t know what to worry about. Enjoy the good and the bad as they both exist as brother and sister.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Loneliness is an interesting place to visit, just don’t take any friends.” (Fishing For Luckies sleeve notes)

“Love? More danger than guns and drugs, just look at history!” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“It’s only the true unselfish in this world that can be truly good, as there are no rewards apart from to those around you.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Boredom breeds motivation, but only if acted upon immediately.” (Fishing For Luckies sleeve notes)

“The brain is the master in the art of confusion. In psychological warfare we were born with the greatest weapon, except no one gives us the instruction manual!” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Sometimes ‘no’ is the hardest word to say, even harder than screwing someone’s head up with half promises and elaborate lies.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“If there’s a sound you play that doesn’t fit today, why not just play the bastard anyway?” (Schizophonic)

“For some, drugs are a brief, often much needed break from reality, but beware those to whom the drug is the reality.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“To accept madness is to embrace and love oneself.” (Fishing For Luckies sleeve notes)

“Pity, now, that even nature has become illegal in such cases as magic mushrooms and – more importantly – cannabis. If we cannot trust nature completely, then how can we trust her at all?” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Look around, see that lonely guy who looks like he missed out on something? He used to do the same thing. Do it. You could only be wrong.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“No matter what people tell you – how to behave, how to run your life, what is cool and what is not – the only answer is yours. You have the final word. It’s your life… Do anything!” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Love has knowledge. Love has patience. Love will forgive you for being wrong because then you must forgive it for being wrong! Love exists but it’s nothing like in the movies.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Self-expression is a lot like sex. The less you do it, the more you find that you don’t want to.” (Fishing For Luckies sleeve notes)

“Sometimes you will look around you and say to yourself, ‘I don’t fit in, I’m different to everyone.’ To know this is to learn one of the greatest lessons in life: human beings all do exactly the same things completely different from each other. All of these millions of souls, all in different stages of evolution… how could we ever be the same? We just go to the same school!” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“It is worth a hundred bad friendships to find one good one. You have to go through the shit to find a diamond. Otherwise how would you appreciate the diamond?” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“Stupid people make deadly enemies. Unless you remove some of your brain cells, how can you possibly argue on their level?” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“It doesn’t matter what sort of shit life throws at you, only how you feel when dealing with it. Sometimes the death of a loved one can make you stronger but you fall to pieces if you burn the toast! Same day, different shit.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“God loves sinners, it makes his job more interesting. A sin a day will stop you going grey.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“The only person that gets turned on by brand new clothes and a half gallon of aftershave is the person wearing them. In the struggle for sexual dominance, man has forgotten that the greatest turn on is the brain.” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)

“When in doubt, get DRUNK!!!” (Japanese Best Of… sleeve notes)


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