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Ginger Says – Happy New Year 2007

By Kris | January 7, 2007

Ginger, Scott and CJ - Wolverhampton - 17th December 2006 - © Trudi Knight 2006

Happy New Year!

What a year this one is going to be! What a year the last one was!!

Round Records got off to a flying start with the release of Valor Del Corazon, in January 2006. With releases by Howling Willie Cunt (‘World Of Filth’) and The God Damn Whores (‘We Are The Lucky 13’) to follow, the circle was completed with the recording of Yoni, the follow up to ‘Valor…’ to be released in January 2007.

2006 was rounded off with The Wildhearts beginning recording the brand new, self titled album, due to be released in April 2007, once again on Round Records. Not bad for a one man label, huh?

Recording of ‘The Wildhearts’ began in London’s Strongroom studios (an amazing place with Jamie Reid artwork adorning every wall in the place), continued in Burnt House studios, Ipswich (right around the same time as the murders began and ended right when they caught the killer) and will end by recording vocals in the most Haunted Castle in Britain, in January.

This place is apparently chock full of ghosts ranging from an angry French priest, who screams for you to leave, to a headless humanoid form that rises from the ground. Legend has it that the authenticity of the castle’s fearsome reputation was tested by the most hardcore of police departments: the murder squad. Apparently 30 members of the murder squad went in and 3 were left in the morning.

We are spending a week there.

Our paranormal findings as well as our vocals will be captured on video and audio, and released via a DVD documentary on The Wildhearts to be available later on in the year.

The new album is sounding fucking amazing. Heavy, melodic, complicated, catchy, emotional, angry, rocking, huge and classic. More in keeping with the original blueprint set down by ‘Earth Versus The Wildhearts’.

With new boy Scott Sorry in our ranks (anyone seeing this guy perform at our Xmas show in Wolverhampton will testify to his suitability in the role of full-time Wildhearts bass player) we have the nicest, most loyal guy I have met in years. Rich Battersby is also back in the fold, the greatest drummer we have ever had, in my opinion… this guy is a work-horse.

I’m happier with this line-up than any other we have ever had. Not to take anything away from anyone that has ever appeared in the band previously, but for me the professionalism and passion in this current format is both very addictive and very exciting.

I’m also very excited about the release of my new solo album ‘Yoni’ in January. The album features Random Jon Poole on bass and Denzel Pearson on drums (as well as Tim Smith and Jase Edwards on production duties), and is the most thrilling musical experience I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. With string quartets, horn sections, choirs, pianos and a myriad of musical instrumentation sharing space within the songs, I’m confident that this album will occupy a special place within the hearts of anyone who has even the faintest interest in my music. It is the most musical album I have ever made and I am very proud of the results.

I’ve had an amazing year and I intend to continue in this creative and productive fashion in 2007, albeit in more of a live setting.

I hope you will all join us in toasting 2007 as the year where hard work and determination finally pay off. Music is worth investing all of oneself in order to fully realise one’s potential and ultimately one’s dreams.

If I’ve learned anything from 2006 then it is that you can achieve anything you want to achieve, just as long as you believe it can and WILL happen.

Oh I also realised that myspace isn’t a great place to meet girls after all.

Watch how you go out there… there’s a lot of nutters waiting to pounce from the least likely of directions.

We are born knowing everything, we just have to experience it all in order to discover ourselves and in that process discover true happiness. Let every lesson be the key to finding your true self, because therein lies your happiness.

God bless you all


Pic: Ginger, Scott and CJ – Wolverhampton – 17th December 2006 – © Trudi Knight 2006

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