The Band

Band Shot For almost 2 decades The Wildhearts have remained at the forefront of the British rock scene. From their classic début album Earth Vs (voted number one album of the year in Kerrang! Back in 1993, and number 20 in the best rock albums of all time in a Kerrang! Special in 2006), through to 2007’s self titled record (10/10 Rocksound, 5/5 The Sun) their creative output and legendary live shows have been second to none.

Although the 90’s saw the band covered like a living soap opera in the press with tales of sex, drugs, bust ups, fights (both with labels and themselves), splits, more drugs and a lot more controversy (one such incident including entering and then proceeding to trash the Kerrang! Offices!), the last 2 years have seen the band more focused than ever before and firing on all cylinders.

Their incendiary live performances over the last year have seen the band’s popularity hit new heights as The Wildhearts continue to cement their reputation and legacy as one of the best bands the UK have ever produced. As 2008 became 2009 a relentless touring schedule saw them perform shows in the UK, USA, Germany, Norway, Finland, Spain, Australia & Japan while they were penning tracks for their 9th studio recording Chutzpah!

With the doubters once again proved wrong, The Wildhearts now unveil what they believe is their greatest ever record; their masterpiece. New album Chutzpah!, released on 31st August 2009, with its partner, mini-album Chutzpah! Jnr, following over Christmas along with plenty of live dates.

Lead singer Ginger said;
“It’s always great to play to Wildhearts crowds, they really are the best crowd in the world. We are a very lucky band in that respect, and we never take it for granted. This time we’ll be promoting the new album which has Scott and CJ singing lead vocals too, so I’ll be in heaven being able to take a break from fucking singing all the time. I can’t wait to see people’s reaction to the new material”.