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Wildhearts – US Tour Statement

By Kris | March 7, 2007


We have been informed this morning by the American Embassy, and our American Representative who was acting on behalf of the Wildhearts Visa application in the US, that The Wildhearts Visas will not be ready in time for the tour.

Despite being told differently, it appears that errors were made by our nominated American representative, which caused unnecessary delays and problems with the American Embassy. The Wildhearts and their management were never informed of this and we were assured that they would arrive in time for their flight to New York tomorrow (Thursday 8th March).

The Wildhearts are distraught at being forced to cancel these shows, but have been given no alternative as flying with out Visas would seriously jeopardise all future plans in the USA for the band.

The Wildhearts will endeavour to make it up to every fan who has bought a ticket, and promise to release rescheduled US dates in 2007 as soon as possible.


We are absolutely gutted about this. SXSW was to be the perfect showcase for the new line-up, and we were incredibly excited to let the US fans see the new line-up with the shows added around the SXSW date. We are aware that this will not help our reputation for pulling shows in the US, but we tried everything within our power to acquire the correct work visas for this tour and we regret to inform you that they did not arrive in time.

We cannot jeopardise our future visits in US by travelling without the correct legal documents needed. We will reschedule the dates in NY and honour the tickets already sold. Once again, we apologise for this cancellation.

Please keep the faith. 2007 will be a great year for the band. This is just an unfortunate set back, albeit a severely disappointing one.

The Wildhearts.

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