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Ginger Says – The Wildhearts was fun to do when I was younger and a lot more selfish, but I don’t want to be seen as a road accident any more

By Ginger | October 28, 2001

Is anyone looking forward to this tour as much as I am? Answer? No, not even close!

The response to tickets has been relatively good, apart from in Ireland. No one wants to admit to being responsible for those tickets being as easy to get hold of as Osama bin fucking Laden, but the truth of the matter is, SG5 sold hardly any tickets for Ireland. No tickets, no show.I’m told that ticket agencies didn’t even know about the show in Belfast. I’m told that there has been absolutely no promotion, posters or radio play to advertise the show. I guess that means we’ve got every telepathic rock fan in Northern Ireland already in on the secret, but they probably knew that no one else was going to turn up and it was gonna be cancelled anyway. I’m told a lot of things and I don’t believe 90 per cent of them. All I believe in is this band and the fans. And I’m sure that there isn’t a single poster advertising the American bands, or the bigger British bands, who are playing in Ireland either.

But this won’t stop this tour going ahead. Nothing will stop this tour going ahead, not even the people holding out for Wildhearts tickets to go on sale. Now, these people are most definitely not telepathic, just a little naive… and this is a real pity, as there’s fucking thousands of them. And most of them are not coming to see SG5 (a far superior band in every way), judging by the amount of tickets sold for the last Wildhearts tour compared to this one.

The last tour might have been a bit of a spectacle from the point of view of the morbid outsider, but for the band it was as much fun as a nailbomb enema. The notion of bands fighting each other, sticking things in their arms, sniffing tramlines of cocaine, and drinking enough alcohol to make Oasis look energetic onstage, is hopefully an old-fashioned concept that has been replaced by bands / artists being in good shape, attempting to look professional and being able to fucking play – y’know, worthy of the door charge and all that. This still matters, right?

The Wildhearts was fun to do when I was younger and a lot more selfish, but I don’t want to be seen as a road accident any more. I’d rather represent something a bit more positive for inscription on my gravestone one day – and I don’t plan on that day turning up for a fucking long time. Yeah, there was that Kerrang! article that reported on a visit to hospital for cocaine overuse. The trouble is, I’m hopeless at lying, especially to friends, even if they do work for Kerrang!. Anyway, it happened ages before the article went to print and I’ve been straight ever since. Straight, sober and as bored as all fuck.

Did I tell you how much I need this tour? Enough to stay sober in the middle of a fucking war. I’m a Geordie, for God’s sake… sobriety to a North Easterner is as welcome as an electricity bill laced with anthrax. But this tour is going to make up for any disappointment left over from the Wildhearts shows. For you and for me. We’re getting paid pennies and we’re still taking pyro out with us. How? Don’t ask me as I have no fucking idea!

Yeah, it was great to hear you singing the words back for The Wildhearts. Yeah, it was fun to have sold out shows and play big stages. We had a few great nights and saw some faces that haven’t been around for a few years. Been there, got the cheque. But there isn’t enough money in this business to be embarrassed for. And both the Newcastle and Dudley shows were fucking embarrassing. The rest we’re just a huge anti-climax. And as for the London, Camden Monarch show? I ain’t playing another show where only two members of the band turn up ever again, no matter how great the review. I guess this destroys the “only in it for the money” myth then, huh?

SilverGinger 5 are gonna start from the bottom, like any band starting out has to. It’s a humbling experience but it’s going to be real rewarding when we descend upon these small venues and thoroughly destroy every single last fucking one of them. You are never going to have seen or heard anything like this in your entire life. And the irony is that when we go up a level, ‘new rock’ people are going to insist that they came to see the band on that legendary first tour, back when the tickets were cheap, you didn’t have to queue for hours at the bar and you had enough space to check out every boy and girl in the room – even though those ‘new rock’ people stayed at home that night watching TV and making do with the self manipulation of their genitalia.

This tour will be an indication of just how popular the concept of partying is in this country at the moment. I get a feeling that the earnest misery of Nu Metal is no longer needed and that the world could do with a good fuck. The jury, however, is still out on whether or not the UK rock population is aware of this – or at least the UK ‘new rock’ population. I guess time will tell. Fingers crossed, eh?

Yeah, these are slightly trying times. It’s difficult for any new band to be taken seriously in this country. In the beginning, the world seems to be awfully full of people passing the blame instead of doing the work. If only the music magazines in this country got as excited about homegrown talent as they do about the next big American band / artist. Hey, I guess it makes us tougher, right?

Fuck it. Fuck all the bullshit, it’s driving me nuts. Just get me on that fucking stage so I can get rid of some of this pent up energy before I do something evil with it.

See you at the show. Wear the shirt with pride and get ready to shout someone’s fucking head off if they so much as look at that shirt with an attitude. Get ready because we are going to show the country how to party. We’re going to show this backward fucking place what real passion is; what it means to go to a show because you want to and not because you’ve been told it’s the right thing to do.

Party hard? We fucking invented it. And you know I’m right.

Come on, let’s fucking go.


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