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Ginger – UK Elections

By Kris | June 3, 2004

Ginger has has the following message for UK based voters:
“There are elections in the UK on June 10th. I urge you not to waste your vote on any of the candidates that fail to represent you.

NHS funding hasn’t been increased, and people are sitting in hospital beds awaiting treatment, while others need those same beds. Ken Livingstone, the bastard behind the Congestion Charges, is the local representative for London too. A fiver is nothing to pay in theory, but if you forget to pay due to other commitments in life, or can’t find a bleedin’ outlet and don’t own a credit card, the fine is upped to ?40 at 10:00pm that same day. I haven’t found one person that takes the money over the phone that believes this is fair.

If that isn’t enough reason to NOT vote Labour, then think of this? Who else you gonna vote for? You could not vote at all, but isn’t that a waste getting swept under the carpet marked ‘voter apathy’. Your other alternative is to make the effort to go and vote, but spoil your ballot paper – mark it as ‘None of these candidates will represent me’ for instance. That way we can voice our dissatisfaction with the system we’ve had foisted upon us. Pass it around”

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