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By Kris | May 30, 2004

We relish the chance to promote the new projects of Wildhearts-of-old, in this case Ritch’s new band Security. Says Ginger: “Hey y’all. If you haven’t already heard SECURITY, Ritch (ex-Wildhearts) new band, then I strongly suggest that you give their demo’s a download and a listen. They can be heard at www.ineedsecurity.net and they rock like overstuffed giant rhino hides, only with extra large penises. And stuff. If you like your ROCK huge then sit back and hold on tight. You’re in for an exercise in MASSIVE that makes other big things look smaller in comparison. Enjoy”

You can catch Security in June at the following shows:
June 8th @ London Metro Club – Security/Tokyo Dragons/Silvertide (Security 1st on)
June 16th @ London Barfly – Dead Monroe/Planet of Women/Security (Security headline)

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