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No Running, Shouting, Or Piddling In The Shallow End

If you’re looking for some guidance on the new features of the board, please see the FAQ, otherwise, read on…

Part 1 – You And Your Profile

1. Usernames

• If you absolutely, desperately want to change your Username, contact a Moderator.

2. New LiSTEES

• Yes, LiSTEES! From the days of the Steam Powered Yahoo MAiLiNG LiST. Boarders sounds too much like a Skating term, and therefore far too energetic.

• It’s always nice to get to know new people, so we’d love you to introduce yourself when you join. A mugshot would be a nice touch too, especially if you’re planning on coming to the Meet-Ups.

• Have a read through the archives so you’ve got an idea what we’re about, what’s been posted already, and the general layout of the place.

3. Signatures

• Your Sig Line is a blank canvas for expressing yourself, unless you’re being deliberately and/or maliciously offensive, using it to advertise something dodgy, breaking Messageboard Rule 1, or taking up half the screen with it.

• If you are using text or a song lyric, please, if only for the sanity of the pedants amongst us, SPELL AND GRAMMAR CHECK YOUR SIG LINE!

• Images in your Sig Line will take up a space no larger than this:-

It’s not that we’re being mean when we say this, just that the board will cut the edges off anything wider, so there’s no point having something huge.

LastFM (and any other applicable) widgets should be of a similar size to the above image – A ‘Top 5’ list is usually sufficient to achieve this.

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