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Part 2 – Messageboard Rules

This Messageboard has always been fairly self-regulating as, on the whole, we’re all grown-ups. So far, there hasn’t been cause to make any subject off-limits for discussion and hopefully we can all be trusted to keep things within reason.

There are, however, some things you should be aware of…

1. Copyright Protected Material


• We have permission from Ginger¹ allowing the trading² of live bootlegs and unreleased demos, but that’s it! Asking for the latest B-Sides on the day that the single comes out is taking the piss quite frankly!

“But I’ve already bought it on another format!” is not a valid argument.

Offenders will be warned: persistent offenders may be banned.

2. Posting Rules

• Try to post new topics in the appropriate section. Starting a topic with a passing reference to The Wildhearts (et al) does not automatically qualify it as being discussion about the band.

• Thread titles should begin with a capital letter and at least vaguely relate to the topic contained therein. Overenthusiastic exclaimers, please try to exercise some restraint!!!!!

• Please aim for some recognisable form of English: an attempt at basic grammar and punctuation would be appreciated.

AnYoNe CaUgHt TyPiNg LiKe ThIs is likely to have the urine extracted mercilessly for being an utter imbecile, and there really is no excuse for text speak: ever!

• As is mentioned at the top: NO SHOUTING! The only reason you could possibly have for typing everything in Upper case is that someone has glued your Caps Lock key down. If this is the case… well, you probably need a new keyboard, otherwise TURN IT OFF.

For obvious reasons, this rule does not extend to demanding you rewrite passages quoted from typographically-challenged authors on third party websites – we’re not (quite) that draconian.

• Please Edit Your Quotes – There’s no need to quote vast swathes of somebody’s post if your reply only refers to a small part of it, as it takes up unnecessary space; it also helps avoid misunderstandings when people aren’t sure exactly what you’re referring to. Please remember to check that the [quote=”Username”][/quote] tags are intact when you’ve finished editing.

• No Double Posting – That is, posting in a thread, then posting again in the same thread before someone else has posted. If you need to add something, there’s a handy edit button in the corner of your post. Bumping a thread is acceptable, once, as long as more than 24 hours have passed since your original post.

Permissible exceptions to this are if you are posting multiple photographs, song lyrics or guitar tabs.

• If you’ve discovered some breaking news/live dates/the latest Social Network post, please check the recent topics before you start a new one as there’s a good chance someone else has seen it too. If you truly have a scoop, thirty seconds checking probably isn’t going to make much of a difference.

• Similarly, if you have a question about the band, there’s a good chance someone else has asked it before. The search function is your friend here, and should be used before you start a new topic.

• If you post about something you’ve found on t’interweb, it’s always helpful if you include a link to it.

• A review thread will be started for each new music release and tour: please use them. There’s no need to start a new thread unless there’s something specific you want to discuss.

• NO SPAM! Posting the same thing in more than one forum is considered spamming, as is posting random gibberish and generally making a nuisance of yourself. Please don’t do it!

• NO pr0n: ’nuff said!

• Be nice to each other. Flaming: i.e. excessive name calling or hateful comments directed towards other users, bands, moderators or anyone else will not be tolerated.

3. Images

• Feel free to post topic related pictures, the more the merrier: Just keep it clean, and remember that you’ll need to use a hosting site as there’s no storage on the board. We use an automatic re-sizer to ensure images fit into the posts, so there’s theoretically no limit on size – please try to keep it within reason though.

• Full-page article scans with around 1000 pixels along the short edge will be easily legible once the enlarger kicks in.

• A tutorial on how to post images can be found here.

4. Buying And Selling

• You are welcome to advertise items for sale in our Trading Corner³ as long as you’re not advertising something dodgy or breaking Messageboard Rule 1.

While we happily provide a place for you to advertise, conduct negotiations and buy/sell, we take no responsibility for problems with transactions, including (but not limited to): failure to pay, failure to post goods, postal errors, lack of communication or arguments between buyers/sellers. There is a limited amount we can do to help out if problems occur, but privately exchanging contact details before going ahead with transactions would likely help smooth the process.

• No First Post Adverts Please – If all you’re here for is buying and selling, and you can’t even be bothered to say hello before you start, you’re not really a member of our community are you!?

• Spare gig tickets may be advertised for sale at face value plus any associated booking fees only. If you can’t find a buyer, Scarletmist.com is highly recommended. Links to internet auctions without a face value ‘Buy It Now’ will be removed.

Touts are not welcome and will face the wrath of pretty much everybody on here!


¹ This permission is down to Ginger’s good will and may be rescinded at any time and without any notice.

² Trading in this case means either uploading, swapping for other bootlegs or making a small charge to cover duplication and postage costs. You may not charge for the material itself.

³ And only in the Trading Corner: adverts placed in other sections will be removed.

• We reserve the right to move, delete, split, merge, re-title, lock or (if necessary) edit any posts/threads at our discretion; indeed you agreed to this at sign-up. No discussion about why a thread has been Moderated will be entered into beyond any reason given in the thread.

• The rules listed above can and will be updated at any time if necessary, and any new rules are effective immediately.

• If there are any questions regarding these rules, send a private message to one of the Moderators for clarification.

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