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Ice Hockey Hair – Preview song on MySpace

By Kris | May 12, 2008

‘Ice Hockey Hair’, originally by Super Furry Animals is the final song being previewed on The Wildhearts MySpace site from the forthcoming “Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before Vol 1” Wildhearts covers album – which will be released next Monday (19th May 2008).

Some words from the band about the song:

Ritch says:

Had I known I was going to be asked to sing songs I’d suggested, I’d probably have chosen a couple of classics from Chad Valley Hits – My 1st karaoke Machine – Vol One. As it happens, I’m glad I didn’t. I love this song nearly as much as I love the drum fill into the outro.

Ginger says:

This song gets the hairs standing up on every inch of my body. And to think that they kept this track for an E.P. SFA are one of our greatest treasures and this, for me, is their finest hour. Ritch handles the vocals impeccably. Man, how talented are The Wildhearts? What am I doing singing every song? No more, I tells ya. With voices like this they can all lend a hand singing on albums to come. If you don’t already have every album by SFA then I suggest beginning with Radiator and working your way through the lot of em. They just have so many great songs and create amazing soundscapes to go along with the cool tunes.
I think Run Christian Run is my joint favourite with this one.

CJ says:

Really cool song and great to hear Ritch sing… he can even do that vocoder shit with his voice amazing… Think this could be my favourite… chilled.

Scott says:

I had never heard this song until it was talked about as being a cover. It’s great, it’s melodic, and it’s catchy as fuck. I love the chorus. Every time I hear it I can’t get the chorus out of my head. It also doesn’t sound like something people would expect us to do. Perfect.

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