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Ask Ritch – July 2007

By Kris | July 15, 2007

What’s ya favourite drummer joke?

How do you know when the drum riser is level? When the drummer dribbles from both sides of his mouth.

How’s it feel to be back?

I was a little apprehensive to say the least when embarking upon ‘The Wildhearts – part gazzilion’ but I have to say with the new album and a full UK tour under our belts I feel better than I ever have about the band, the line up and our future in Rock n Roll.

What happened to Security? ‘Let’s Ruin It’ and ‘We Eat Your Kind’ are great songs – would there be any possibility of releasing the demos officially?

Thanx. Security did have some killer riffs and tunes. I loved playing that stuff live. Some really heavy stuff going on, but due to band members personal lives going in completely opposite directions Security came to an abrupt halt before it ever really had chance to get going. I would have loved to have recorded the band properly for official release. I don’t think the demos are good enough quality to release.

1. Your drumming – while always being intense – also seems to be in very much control, ‘reliable’ and rock steady. Judging from shortly meeting you once (at the Scala SG5 gig… those were the days), that might also apply to your personality. Do you think that besides your drum god role you’re also a stabilising element for the WHs? (cos they could sure use one)

2. At the Scarborough gig, much of the attention focused on Danny, despite you putting in a sterling performance. I read many comments afterwards stating the same and lauding your drum work. It probably didn’t earn that much recognition at the gig because no one expected less. But did you feel sort of overlooked back then? ?(Okay, you wouldn’t answer that you were pissed off, even if you were. Just wanted to let you know that your fine job didn’t go unnoticed.)

1. No!??

2. Thanx very much. It’s always a good boost to get the odd bit of praise. But I wouldn’t start moaning if I didn’t get any attention. Or that attention was more on Danny, or that there’s more questions for Scott than me on ‘Ask the Wildhearts’, or that it’s always Ginger or CJ that are asked to be interviewed, or that I have to sit at the back, or that………………

Ritch, I honestly think that you’re the one Wildheart (besides Ginge) who´s ‘other’ projects/bands always blew me away. ‘Blame Everyone’ was such a kick-ass fun album plus chicks love it! I was really fired up about Security. Even the New Disease EP ruled. When are we gonna hear some new (solo) stuff?

I’m sure at some point I’ll get round to doing some more of my own stuff. (working title for new solo album, ‘A Taste Of Dick’)

New Disease was more of a session job than a band, was it?

Yes. Just helping my mate out with that one. Mark Gemini Thwaite. (Yes that really is his middle name.) Great bloke, great guitarist, currently on tour with Tricky I think. And back playing with The Mission.

What’s your favourite Wildhearts album?

Endless, Nameless

Why are Germans not funny? (and damn right they’re not!)

How bizarre. Just seconds ago I got a text from my German mate Ole who dare I say it… made me laugh out loud. Yes, it’s official, Germans are funny… well at least one!

How much input did you have on the endless nameless album. I see you’re credited for arranging the songs, along with Ginger, but how big a part did you play in the writing process?

I didn’t write anything for that album, just helped out with arrangements really, as it says on the album. But I was involved in the creation of the finely tuned crystal clear hi-fi sound of which so many of you WH fans are repulsed by.

I’m not sure if this should be directed at you or Ginger, but, ‘what the fuck brought the duck song on?!’, it’s pure genius, well done.
Ben Walton

Me, Ginger and my Dad as it happens. I remember my Dad singing it to me when i was a wee nipper and one drunken night on the tour bus I started singing it. Any excuse to get out of singing, at the embarrassment of anyone else who is present and inebriated, at the recording session, the Ginger one seems to have a curious way of getting people into the vocal booth to perform ridiculous vocals of which will then go on to be released for WH fans to wonder ‘what the fuck brought that on?!’

Any chance of Genius Penis live? or anything from Endless, Nameless?

Genius Penis – absolutely not. I’d love to play loads of Endless, Nameless live but as far as I’m aware most Wildhearts fans don’t care much for that album let alone certain members of the band who shall remain nameless, CJ.

What’s your favourite Wildhearts song?

The Duck song of course.

Battersby. Surely the best ever name for a drummer?
Dave C

Quite possibly, but I won’t be getting it tattooed across my neck for the fear of old age and a helping hand from gravity taking my neck-skin and goiter on a downhill trip with the embarrassing outcome of ‘Battersby’ slowly and steadily morphing itself into ‘Battyboy’

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