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Tour dates updates and DVD

By Kris | October 20, 2004

Ginger has details on the recent changes to the tour dates: “As eagle-eyed readers of the site will notice, the London date has replaced the Cambridge date, and vice versa.

From what I gather to be official, the 13th of December is on a GAY night. This means a gay disco would take place within half an hour of us leaving the stage. We plan to film the the event for a DVD, which would mean bringing enough lights to be able to actually see something on the screen, and enough cameras to film it all in it’s glory. This amount of gear, combined with our own would not be stripped down in half an hour, it would take hours.

In short, it would be impossible to film a DVD at the intended London date.

Also, I understand that this show would take place on a Kerrang evening, complete with a lot of bands also playing. Don’t get me wrong, I imagine they would all be amazing, but it means that we would have effectively play last on a pre-booked, festival style bill, and not be able to bring in our own touring bill, stage set, lights and soundsystem. Effectively starving the London fans of the same show and the same bill as the rest of the country will see.

If everyone would prefer a hurried set on an unknown bill, cut short for a disco, then please let us know your dissapointment and we will reschedule the original booking. If, however, everyone thinks that switching the London date for a better sounding, smarter looking show (with a bill designed for Wildhearts fans) that can be recorded for a DVD that will feature a load of extras, then let us know.

The choice, as always, is yours.”

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