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Singer Search

By Ginger | September 29, 2004

Ginger has a request that the Wildhearts community may be able to help with….

“Hey guys, I am looking for a singer.

Before anyone get’s the wrong idea, I am not leaving The Wildhearts, not now and probably not ever, but I really want to record and start up something new with a singer, with a view to starting up a brand new band.

I guess that ideally I’d like the guy to be British or Australian, but would not turn away anyone from the States or Europe if they fit the bill.

The bill? Anyone with the God given talent and charisma to floor people. I don’t care what style or image the guy has, just as long as he has an incredible voice and personality.

It’s going to take an awful long time to find the right character, so what better way of beginning the search than with a network as healthy as our own?

If anyone thinks that they have what it takes then they could always send a tape/CDR to the Po Box address on the site.

Or maybe they just know of an amazing vocalist who’s talents are not yet known? That way everyone can join in the search.

I imagine that it would be more fun if people could compare notes as to who is the most underrated, or criminally unknown vocalist that they have ever heard.

Like I said, I am not expecting to find someone overnight, so we have the luxury of time on our side.

Fingers crossed but twitching in anticipation,


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