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Wildhearts – Stormy In The North – Ginger Comments

By Kris | January 28, 2003

Ginger has written a few words about the chart success of ‘Stormy In The North’, which hit the UK singles chart at No. 17 on Sunday:

“Beat, bushed and very, very tired… but have just about enough energy to thank everyone from the mailing list, regular web site readers and Wildhearts fans around the country for getting us into the charts at No. 17, and putting our ugly mugs on TOTP this week. You know how much power you have now. Radio 1 can’t stop us, MTV can’t stop us, weekly ‘music’ papers can’t stop us. You have yourself to thank for this. This is our year, let’s fuck things up real good shall we? God, this must feel as good for you as it does for us! You are the best, it’s just as simple as that.”

You can catch the band’s Top Of The Pops performance on Friday 31st at 7:30pm (repeated early on Sunday 2nd at 3:25am). The Stormy video is also doing very well on Kerrang! TV where we hear it’s flying high in the request charts. You can still request the vid by calling 09067 533 433 (calls cost 75p/min) – the video number is 185. Or you can watch it on-line via the Stormy… mini-site.

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