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Wildhearts Acoustic Tour

By Kris | October 23, 2017

Ginger and CJ will be heading out on tour this December, for a short acoustic tour of the UK, where they will perform an intimate set of Wildhearts songs as you’ve never heard them before!

They will be appearing in the following towns:

09th December 2017 – Waterloo Music Bar, Blackpool
10th December 2017 – Bar Metro, Bolton
11th December 2017 – Fulford Arms, York (SOLD OUT!)
12th December 2017 – Plug, Sheffield
13th December 2017 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
14th December 2017 – Bannermans, Edinburgh (SOLD OUT!)
18th December 2017 – The Globe, Cardiff
19th December 2017 – Cavern Club, Exeter
20th December 2017 – Engine Rooms, Southampton
21st December 2017 – The Live Rooms, Chester

Tickets are available from www.omerch.eu/shop/thewildhearts – get your tickets quick, as these shows will sell out fast!

UPDATE: Edinburgh and York have already sold out – get your tickets quick!

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