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555% Is Here (Part 2)

By Ean | March 30, 2012

So, you’ve lived with the first 10 tracks for a week. Ready for some more? The second 10 tracks from 555% are here!

Pledgers can now head across to Ginger’s Pledgemusic profile and download or stream (or both, if the wait proves too much).

The track listing is as follows:

1) Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow
2) Westward Ho! (A New Reputation)
3) Do The Lonely Suffer More, Or Less, Or Just The Same At The Point Of Death?
4) The Other Side
5) Strange New Year
6) Lover, It’ll All Work Out
7) Illuminating Times
8) Begin From Within
9) Return Of The Northern Cardinal
10) Taste Aversion

As before, please listen to the songs, listen to them again and then listen to them some more.

Then, head back to the Pledgemusic update and let us know your THREE favourite songs in the comments box below the post. This will help us put together the track listing for the single CD.

Joining the 555% listening party on Twitter? Use the hashtag #ginger555 so we can read your comments.


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