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Ask Scott – June 2007

By Kris | June 2, 2007

What’s it like joining The Wildhearts and how are you enjoying it so far?

Chris Davies

Joining The Wildhearts has been great! I’ve been really good friends with Ginger for a while now and it’s cool that we finally get to work together. The 4 of us get on really well and work really well together. We goof around like a bunch of kids but work really hard when it’s time to. It’s nice to join a band that I’ve been a fan of and feel like I’ve always been there!

What are your musical influences?


Black Flag to Waylon Jennings. I’m really all over the place but old punk, old country, and old motown are what I usually listen to.

Were you a fan of the band before you joined? What’s your favourite Wildhearts song (to listen to and to play)?


Yeah, I was/am a fan of the band. When I was in Amen and we toured with The Wildhearts, I watched them every night in awe. It’s really cool knowing that I’m IN that band now! My favorite song would have to be ‘Sick of Drugs’. My favorite song to play is ‘Rooting for the Bad Guy’.

First off, thanks for taking up the vacant bass player spot and fuelling that rock machine.
Now, for the questions:

1. “Gee, man, you know who you remind me of? Mike Ness!” How often do you hear that in an average week?

2. Assuming that Sorry isn’t your real surname, how come you chose it? Is it just a nice somewhat RnR alliteration or is there a hint to your personality or a story in there?


1. Ha! I used to get that A LOT when I was younger. Him and Billy Joe from Green Day. I guess it depends on how messy my hair is.

2. Yeah, you could say there is a HINT of my personality in there! And a few stories way to long to write about…

Are Sorry and the Sinatras still a going concern?

Mark E

Yeah. Just need time. I’ve been really focused on The Wildhearts and the other guys have been focused on other projects as well. We’ll get our shit together soon. We’ve actually been writing since I’ve been home but it’s still gonna be a little while until we are actually working.

The obvious one is – how did you get the job? And well done, you were ace at the Wolverhampton gig.


Thank you very much! I became friends with guys when I was in Amen and we toured together. Ginger and I stayed close and have wanted to work together for years. So when The Wildhearts were getting back together, he called and asked if I would do it. I did not say no!

What’s Casey Chaos like?


A beautiful butterfly gently floating through a sun drenched field of daisies.

Favourite bassline ever written?


Opening bass line to ‘Love Song’ by The Damned

Slap bass: an essential bass playing skill or hilarious sounding fret wankery?


Well, my first response would be wankery, but I like Fishbone and P-Funk and stuff like that, so… Neither?

How come you weren’t with BOD [Brides of Destruction] on the UK leg of the (last) tour?


That was just a really weird time. I was going through some shit and just couldn’t make it. Besides I think Jeremy fit in a little better than I did anyway.

Did you have to endure any bizarre initiation rituals upon joining the best band in the world? (The Wildhearts just in case you got mixed up 🙂 )

Dave C

Not really. I’ve known the guys for a while so any kind of initiation would have been done to death by now!

Are you ready for the adoration you’ll get from us Wildies fans?


HA! Don’t think I’ve ever been ADORED before!

What was the toughest Wildhearts song you had to learn?

Ben Wright

So far it’s been ‘Everlone’. I was learning it while detoxing… what a fucking nightmare.

Pre the latest release (which is pure brilliance by the way), what was your favourite Wildhearts album? Also, can you bring any influence to bear and get the band Stateside (CA to be precise)?

Keith Richard

My favorite record would be Riff After Riff. I would LOVE to get the band stateside! Especially CA. I’m sure it will happen soon.

Who sets your basses up for you? – saw you throwing an Epiphone Gothic thunderbird round Rock City tonight, I’ve got one of those (guitars, not Rock Citys…) and don’t think it could be played that quickly if it tried!

Andy Roo

I don’t really have my basses set up actually. I play really hard so I need my action pretty high and they always seem to come like that.

Since you’re now in the enviable position of being the bassist for the world’s greatest rock band, have you considered a name change? I mean, how can you still be Sorry if you’re rockin’ with the ‘hearts every night?

How about Scott Luckysonnuvabitch?

Or Scott Betyouwishyouwereme?


Very true! Don’t think either one of those would fit on my neck though.

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