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Ginger – Response following latest Ginger Says

By Ginger | February 22, 2003

The response to the latest “Ginger Says” has been ‘interesting’ if not as scary as anything I have ever been involved with. A bizarre number of fans/ex-fans/readers have jumped to the astounding conclusion that the piece is anti-American. Why? Because it is not pro-Bush. This is hard to swallow, but for some it goes like this… I have to like your President to like you. Wow, I never got political ultimatums from fans before. This War is making monkeys out of people, and it looks like the gene pool hasn’t got a lot of work to do in some (thankfully very few) cases. So, in response to the readers out there that insist I stick by your President or lose you as a fan (didn’t realise there were still such idiots in America to be honest, thank god most of America is anti-Bush) I have the following word for you: “Bye“. And the following statement to make:

“Your grandfather didn’t die for me… you have never served in the US Army for my rights… you didn’t vote your President in, he voted himself in… you didn’t ‘fix’ Baghdad, it’s still broken… Iraq didn’t attack your Capital, that was Afghanistan… you have nuclear weapons too… Iraq is a Nation and to be anti-War is not to be pro-Saddam… I do not support Saddam Hussein, no-one does you stupid fucking cunt. Got that? Oh, and every one of you that is no longer a fan because I am against War and opposed to your President – good fucking riddance to you, you hairy palmed fucking Neanderthal. I never felt so relieved to be ridding my fan base of such racist, redneck filth.”

I swear I never believed people like this actually existed. It was people like this that used to hang blacks and sit in the segregated part of cinemas, right? The rest of America, thank God for you. I understand how frustrating it is to have to be on the firing line at this time, as we are in the same predicament, but good will win. We are all together here and peace will win, because it is obvious that it has the cerebral advantage. Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion, even people who think that being anti-Bush is being pro-Saddam. That is what freedom of speech is there for. Fight for your right to freedom of speech. And use it wisely. God bless you America and fuck your President.

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