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Ginger Says – Out with the old, in with the now…

By Ginger | January 5, 2003

Stormy In The North... DVD ArtHey y’all…

Dunno how many members of The Wildhearts have gotten into the ‘net spirit yet, but I’m hoping that there’ll be some massive contributions from the guys in the near future. I thought I might as well give my thruppence worth on how I see the year shaping out, being as I already got a computer. First of all, the term “Happy New Year” is starting to bug me (cue “old miserable sod”, etc. ad nauseum).

Fuck, there’s a lot of things to be thankful about. New singles, new albums, new bands, new babies, new fucking just about everything you could think of… except the new promise of peace. Peace, the thing that Xmas has just masked over with a plethora of good will and an abundance of good wishes. And by Summer we will, more than likely, be in a very messy, shameful and needless of waste of lives and, almost as importantly, time. We’re going to War.

Has anyone told either of these two ‘super power fighter men blokes’ (and let’s face it, there’s two – we’re getting the shit end of the stick as far as exposure=expense. Yeah, terrorism has really been our right to fight against, right? That’s why the IRA have been bombing the fuck out of us for decades with no US help to assist us in OUR struggle. Maybe because the US CRUSH ‘N’ DEFEAT WARMOBILE didn’t know, or didn’t care? Or maybe it was just none of their business? Who knows, media has never been our strong point anyway with our largely un-photogenic politicians, so exposure was limited to say the least) that the time spent buffing up egos is going un-noticed by a public that’s just getting over the turkey curries and is about to enter a new year in almost identical fashion as they entered last year. So who fucking wants it, then? Come on… who wants it?


Of course, no one in their right mind would be backing our Prime Minister (or crazier still an American President!) in this if we had a choice, and could stop our own Men, Women and Children from being killed (to DEATH that is) for a problem that didn’t have a blind bit of public effect on our own foreign war policies until September 11th, 2001.

Terrorism against who?

Terrorists only exist because if they didn’t, we’d invent them.

Batman versus fucking Joker.

Flex boys, we’re going to War. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, kind of overrules any talk of Merriness. And with Happiness being as likely on the richter scale of likelihood as MTV having a channel that only shows videos that have been discontinued after a few viewings (Imagine it? It only shows terrible videos. Once again. There’s millions of them aren’t there? Read: “Fargo Rock City”), we’re all about to enter a new year of MAJOR corruption and terrible errors in the bid for World Justice and (ha ha) equality. Like shitty videos, really… bad ideas, discontinued and forgotten about. Mistakes that still get made. It’s a very expensive and dangerous world out there, and it looks like the brains of the world are in control. The designated brains, as voted for by who?

As voted for by sneaking it past a public busy festively shaking hands with people they would not usually shake hands with, and wishing good will to people that we have nothing in common with but a loss of memory, post January 6th.

I blame that ass-end of Xmas, the week between 26th Dec and 1st Jan, where everyone sits and gets fat in front of the TV as some sort of ‘reward’ for the year past and a tickler for the year to come. A year where anything could happen, and might even actually, y’know… HAPPEN. And something could happen, y’know.

The one thing that will happen of any merit this year is independence. Forced, but still welcome. It’s all down to you. A back to basics spirit where, if someone asks you your opinion you give it. “Do you believe in war, not in principal but in practice?” You’d say, “No”. “Do you agree with the firemen’s strike, not in principal but in practice?” You’d say, “No”. (I mean c’mon, just before Xmas? More fires at Xmas or something? Surely the unions wouldn’t be THAT in-humane – within the framework of as humanitarian a trade as ‘saving peoples lives from fire’ for a living – to instigate ‘professional’ dissatisfaction at a time when the trade could be at its most needed? Not in a CIVILIZED nation like our own…)

Music means more now than it ever did. Musicians are not going to go on strike. And the only ones that would are the ones you’d like to get rid of for a while anyway, the big ones.

Funny innit, in a time where bands can be manufactured overnight, it’s a pity we can’t clone people just as quick, and they can go and fight the war.

And the fires.

Let’s hope we all get our shit together, and then let’s hope we can keep it together.

Okay, rant over… I’m confused, scared and highly strung.

What else do I see in my crystal bollocks?

The Wildhearts singles will go top 20 this year, then top ten. We will record an album that will come out in the tail end of Summer 2003 and it will be our best yet. The fans will love it and it will generate a huge amount of interest for the band overseas, claiming that which we will deserve as victory. The going will be rough and the line-up will plead for changes at times, but changes will not come. The band will stay solid and the legend will create another page or two in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Wildhearts will continue.

Silver Ginger 5 will also continue and will record an album (tentatively titled “Majestic Splendour”) in the early part of 2003 featuring the line-up that rehearsed new material last year (me, Ritch, Conny and Random). The album will come out around September/October and the shows to follow will be astounding. The drama will not come close to that of the Wildhearts but the sonics will give a well needed kick up the arse for the ‘Hearts. We’re talking pure quality here. The talent will shake the very core of this constantly shaking genre until someone somewhere will take note and give this band the break that they deserve. And if the Gods smile wide enough we could even end up with a frontman/singer by late next year.

DARLING (Angie’s band) will be huge news and sign a major deal before Summer.

I will continue to produce bands and direct videos, and potter about keeping my nose clearly poked into the area marked ‘action’.

The Murderdolls will play Wembley Arena by the end of the year, with SG5 supporting, and I will produce their album.

Sugarcoma will be one of the great surprises of the British Rock year, because I will produce their album too!

Okay, as you have already assumed, these are wild predictions based on the fact that I have a web site, and I am usually right.

It’s true y’know? I AM usually right about stuff. I can predict things months ahead of them happening in uncannily identical ways to my guesswork.

The only problem is I’m just absolutely SHITE at including myself in these predictions!

So this year, I’m gonna predict happiness for me!

There! How the fuck can I miss that one when it comes?

All in all this is the year we must stay positive for our families and friends. Ditch the idiots and concentrate on some quality love with people who deserve it.

Out with the old, in with the now.

This year already scares me more than last year, because just as humans are about to learn a very big lesson they can go and shit right in the book. And usually do.

So, with great determination and a nervous grip, I bid you all as successful a New Year as you deserve.

And fuck you to Hell if you deserve that too.

This job is ours, it belongs to us. That’s you and me.

So, I’m gonna work on me.

Good luck.


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