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Ginger Says – How much fun can you have? All of it!

By Ginger | December 11, 1999

Happy Christmas! by Simon CourtneyThe album is finished. And like a proud father I’m standing back, taking a breath of fresh air and gloating. Yes, gloating – one of the more unsightly faces of arrogance.

Ever felt that you were doing something beyond you? Something that fits so perfectly with everything that’s missing from people’s lives? No? Me neither! ‘Til now. It’s a feeling of weightlessness that’s not dissimilar to the first rush of a drug buzz, albeit a cheaper and longer lasting high. Every move I’ve made, every mistake I’ve lived through – it’s all a dirt road behind me leading to the point at which I find myself now.

If mistakes are there as lessons, then I’m about to pass my final examination. No more messing about. I know what I have to do. It’s all there in full colour, 3D cinemascope with Dolby quadraphonic sound. I’ve begun the true test of my faith in myself, and it’s starting to feel good. Very scary and very good.

I am to let myself go with the mission I was put onto this Earth to do. I was born with a talent that I have sometimes squandered. I was not put on this Earth to become another dead rock star. I was not put on this Earth to out-drink and out-drug the world. I was put here to rock. To entertain. To give exactly what is expected of me, with a few extra bits thrown in for gluttony.

I read magazines and see faceless musicians at the top of the charts. I listen to the radio and hear polite, introspective music that sings to no one but the writers. I don’t see anyone being me. Where are the rock stars that want bright lights and stage shows that stick in your hearts for the rest of your life? Where is the passion that involves ‘being’ the music. For fuck’s sake… WHERE ARE THE SONGS?

I want you all to hear this new album so badly. I’ve just bought you the best present in the world and I want you to open it before Christmas Day. But patience is how I’m going to make this work, and patience is the first thing I’ve got to get crossed off my new year’s resolution list.

I’m going to make you, the trusty fans, so fucking proud to have stayed with me for so long. I’m going to treat you to sights so awe-inspiring that they’ll burn an everlasting impression into your retinas; sounds that will see you and your children through times of melody drought. And I can promise all this and more because I’ve become possessed with this new goal. I am in love with music again.

I’ve done things in the past, set out for me by my own sadistic nature, that I’ve considered impossible. I’m a big enough man to know my limitations and work on them. But I will say, with hand on heart, that next year I will be very famous indeed; successful beyond anything that I’ve ever done before. I will not be able to do it without the constant assurance that you are still there, and I send out advance thanks to each and every one of you. My payback will be to make you all very glad that you bet on this particular horse.

2000 will be a massive year, with the reintroduction of old-style entertainment values. I will not put on a show that I wouldn’t pay to see myself. I would, and probably will, buy my new album because it is that good. I’m going to entertain you beyond the parameters of what is expected in rock music today. You will, in short, be glad to see me back. We’re in this together, and together we’ll make them stand up and take notice. We’ll make them see that we were right all along.

“Who are ‘they’?” I hear you ask. They are not us. Watch the press turn on a penny over this ‘new’ musical force, and be proud that you always knew. They will be many, but we few are where the ball starts rolling from. We built this city. Rock ‘n roll is a sharing experience. Let’s share it with them. They’ll soon be us.

Question: How much fun can you have?
Answer: All of it.

Please have patience and very soon life will be back to normal again. There will be reason again to get excited. You deserve it as much as I do.

Have a happy Christmas. Start the new year with the same passion that you mean to carry on with. And take this trade secret with you… 2000 ROCKS.



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