CJ’s Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

CJ and his pizzaFirst off, I make this pizza all the time at home and I refine the sauce recipe every time I make it. For me a good pizza must have a great sauce because, let’s face it, you can get great toppings and cheese just about anywhere. I use Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe as it’s very good and makes plenty of dough which you can freeze.

Here’s the link: Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Dough

I must stress that you should add semolina flour and try and find a good Italian Tipo ’00’ flour, although strong white bread flour will do and you can use normal caster sugar, it does not have to be golden. Make sure you follow Jamie’s recipe to the T and you will have perfect pizza dough.

Right the sauce…

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CJ’s World

Friday, August 14th, 2009

So hi to you all… Been a crazy couple of weeks with Sonisphere, the Kerrang! awards and then our small trip to Germany.

Sonisphere was a strange one. We turned up around 5 pm and had a full 6 hours of press, which is good but when you’re on stage at 12.15AM not the best of plans. Anyway we all managed to stay up and the show was a little strange. We tried out some new amps and they did not quite work according to plan, hence our major sound problems. Next time we will try out new gear in rehearsals and not at a major festival. Problems aside I really enjoyed the gig and the tent seemed to be rocking.

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CJ guest blog for Rock Radio

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

CJ has been writing a guest blog for Rock Radio. Check out the first installments at the links below, including discussion of the new Wildhearts album and also CJ’s culinary skills. CJ Rock Radio Blog 1 CJ Rock Radio Blog 2

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CJ Says – Right now we… ROCK!

Monday, September 15th, 2003

Hi Boys, Girls, Cats and Dogs CJ here and lovin it. Just got back home to Tokyo and it’s hot and I’m suffering from a mighty dose of jetlag, gets me every time. Now when it’s hot in Japan there is nothing back in the UK that can compare. It’s like a sauna 24/7 and […]

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