CJ’s Special Rice

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

CJ and his riceThis rice dish is so easy to cook and I really love it with a rare steak, but it can accompany anything from meat to fish, it’s great on its own or with some pita bread and it can be eaten hot or cold.

A truly versatile dish that even a muppet could cook.

Enjoy… CJ

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CJ’s Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

CJ and his pizzaFirst off, I make this pizza all the time at home and I refine the sauce recipe every time I make it. For me a good pizza must have a great sauce because, let’s face it, you can get great toppings and cheese just about anywhere. I use Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe as it’s very good and makes plenty of dough which you can freeze.

Here’s the link: Jamie Oliver’s Pizza Dough

I must stress that you should add semolina flour and try and find a good Italian Tipo ’00’ flour, although strong white bread flour will do and you can use normal caster sugar, it does not have to be golden. Make sure you follow Jamie’s recipe to the T and you will have perfect pizza dough.

Right the sauce…

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