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Valor Del Corazon Reviews

By Kris | January 7, 2006

By the sounds of it, the initial run of Valor Del Corazon has been hitting doormats (closely followed by CD players) all around the world over the last couple of weeks: hope you’re all enjoying it.

Valor Del Corazon has had a great review from UK daily paper The Sun:

That The Wildhearts remain largely unheard of by the masses is one of the great travesties of British rock’n’roll.

Soaring melodies, contagious hooks, outrageous riffs and an annoying tendency to self-destruct are their trademarks, with the main man Ginger responsible for most of it. He’s had more than his fair share of drama, has Ginge. And when his life fell to pieces late in 2004, he could have gone off the rails for good. Instead, he ended up in Willie Nelson’s Texas studio… and sunk to new heights. Valor Del Corazon is a stunning double album providing a rollercoaster ride through the raw emotions of a relationship breakdown.

Easily his most personal work to date, this is an eclectic journey that deserves to be shared. Ballsy rock, soulful ballads, funk, grandiose epics and country all feature, but the one constant is an untouchable talent for writing a great tune and an almighty riff. Nineteen tracks. 19 gems. Pure tortured genius. MS”

Also Darren Stockford (formerly of this website)’s webzine “She Didn’t Like Rock ‘n’ Roll” has an in-depth review

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