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Studio report / acoustic tour dates

By Kris | June 13, 2005

We’ve got another studio report from Ginger along with another new song for you to feast your ears on at the MySpace site.

Don’t forget the forthcoming acoustic tour:
Jun 17 Rugely Red Rose (support Jackdaw4, Plan A)
Jun 18 Glasgow Barfly
Jun 19 Newcastle Archer (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 20 Wrexham Talbot
Jun 21 Manchester Dry Bar
Jun 22 Leeds Josephs Well (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 23 Liverpool Barfly (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 24 London Barfly (support Jackdaw4, The Hitchers)
Jun 25 London Barfly (support Jackdaw4, The Hitchers)
Jun 27 Southampton Joiners (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 28 Plymouth Phoenix (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 29 St Albans Horn (support Jackdaw4)
Jun 30 Wolves Civic (support Jackdaw4)
Jul 01 Hull Adelphi
Jul 02 Nottingham Rock City
Jul 03 Newport TJs (support Jackdaw4)

And finally, we’ve got some news from Org Records about Jon Poole’s new band ‘The Goddamn Whores’:

The debut single from THE GOD DAMN WHORES is officially released on June 27th,as part 27 of the ORG-AN-ISED SINGLES SERIES by us here at ORG RECORDS. The four track CD single will be on the streets from JUNE 27th (no no, not one of those download things, this is a proper CD single). There’s a My Space page so if you’re on there My Space go link and tell others, if not then you can till go listen/see/taste – and a Tribe.Net group just went up for those who want to talk about anything vaguely Whores released. Further. Don’t tell anyone I said this but it sounds like CARDIHEARTS or maybe WILDIACS to me. Jon says it sounds like the New York Dolls meets XTC…..

The My Space page has the lead track from the single loaded on to it for you to hear – http://www.myspace.com/thegoddamnwhores

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