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Live footage request

By Ginger | October 6, 2004

“Okay guys, work on the documentary has officially started.

What I need you guys to do is find me footage, footage, FOOTAGE.

I am looking for specifically:

* Live footage from the first years of the bands formation (’89 to ’93)
* Television appearances (especially The James Whale show)
* Live footage of interesting events on stage. You, the fan, can be the judge of what constitutes an ‘interesting event’ (anyone with stuff like guitars being smashed in anger, Danny falling asleep onstage in Newcastle, and that kind of thing will be treated like royalty).
* Live footage from every tour that we have ever done.

Credit will of course be given to anyone whose footage we use on the documentary, as well as a free DVD. There is no financial reward, just satisfaction that you assisted in the most kick-ass documentary on the shelves.

Please compare notes regarding what is good and what is not. I do not want hundreds of video tapes arriving at my door. And would you e-mail me before submitting anything, so we can agree that what you are sending me is what I really need.

Come on guys, spread the word and let’s make history.

The first ever Wildhearts documentary, and you are a part of it.”


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