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Danny – Health Problems

By Kris | April 7, 2003

Some sad news to report today – Danny is suffering from health problems that have plagued him for the last couple of years, so has voluntarily checked himself into a rehabilitation centre to recover, and thus will be unable to join the band on the up and coming tour. The band instead will be assisted on 4 string duties by SG5 cohort and all round mass of Randomness, Jon Poole.

Ginger Says: “We are incredibly shocked and saddened by the revelation that Danny’s health problems are ongoing. His well-being is obviously a major concern to us, to the point where to carry on with him would make matters worse. This is only a band after all, and to have someone die for it is not on anyone’s agenda.”

“All we want to do is get the guy well – the only thing that matters is that he goes away and gets himself sorted. The fact that he himself decided to admit himself into rehab is a good, positive start to that process.”

I know you will all join us in wishing him every bit of love and support through these difficult times, and hope he gets well soon.

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