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Psycho Cyborgs – Scabs DVD

By Kris | July 16, 2007

Last year’s Ginger & The Sonic Circus support act, The Psycho Cyborgs, have released a new DVD, Scabs, featuring a voiceover from Ginger. Read on for full details from Samppa or check out their myspace: www.myspace.com/psychocyborgs

“Samppa Von Cyborgs Scabs is a dark and twisted vision into the mind of a mental patient. Featuring murder, autopsies and a post appocalyptic location, that has to be seen to be believied. Is it horror? Is it comedy? Is it art? Scabs is hard to define. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before and we’re not kidding you, it really is different!

As well as the main film, which runs for 18 minutes, the Scabs DVD also features over an hour of extra material, including Location Scout and Behind The Scenes documentaries, as well as interviews with the director, Samppa Von Cyborg and the star, Baawo The Bee. There’s image galleries by photographer Regis Hertrich, which has been textured by Samppa himself and laid alongside an ambient doom soundtrack by the legendary Deutsch Nepal (Cold Meat Industries). And of course, the main voice over is by Ginger of The Wildhearts. Rest assured, this is a unique collaborative vision never before seen on DVD.

Do not under-estimate the production. Bizarre magazine are featuring it as their movie of the month. Other underground publications are raving about it. The select few people who have seen it have claimed it to be a futuristic work of art. It’s not a nice film, you’ll feel dirty by the end of it and that is exactly what you are meant to feel. Forget nice Hollywood feel-good movies, this is the Underground and it’s a dirty nasty place to be, with a touch of black humour here and there.

Price is ?10 + ?5 postal and package
payment by paypal example
orders: scabsthepatient@hotmail.com”

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