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Wildhearts – Wayahead tickets

By Kris | March 15, 2003

We’ve received the following statement via the band’s agents regarding the Wayahead ticket pricing:

“I can now confirm that the issue with the Way Ahead ticket sales is now over.

The face value of the tickets is ?12.50 regionally and ?14.00 in London. Way Ahead will add on the regular booking fee as now stated on their website. Any Wildhearts fans that have bought tickets initially at the higher rate from Way Ahead can now contact them to get a refund (approx 50p).

I hope this clears the matter up.

I apologise for any inconvenience to The Wildhearts fans who bought the higher priced tickets.

Please contact either us or the band’s management directly at gazagarner@aol.com, absurdmanagement@hotmail.com if you have any further queries.

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