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Wildhearts – DVD News

By Kris | November 5, 2002

News reaches us today that the DVD that’s currently being put together by The Wildhearts has a tentative release date of March 2003.

The disc – which shouldn’t be confused with the Japanese DVD that EastWest Japan recently put out – looks set to include all of The Wildhearts’ promo videos, along with an audio commentary from the band themselves. Says Ginger: “There will be exclusive footage unavailable anywhere else, plus extra versions of videos, and the new videos for Karma, Vanilla, etc.”

This will be followed later in the year by another DVD, which sounds as if it’s shaping up to be a kind of ‘Wildhearts: The Movie’-type affair, featuring live and candid footage of the band doing what they do best (we’ll leave it to your imagination just what that might be, but rockin’ and rollin’ is definitely on the list).

On a different but similarly exciting note, the band have been hard at work writing and rehearsing some brand new B-sides for the next single, Stormy In The North, Karma In The South.

Says Ginger: “We’ll be recording it this weekend. It’s all great material, and, as usual, far too good to be on B-sides.”

He adds cryptically: “There are also a few very cool surprises in store.”

Do these guys spoil us or what?

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