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Wildhearts – not playing Hope & Anchor

By Kris | July 15, 2002

There’s been some recent talk about it on The Wildhearts Mailing List, but in case you haven’t heard, The Wildhearts will NOT be playing the Hope & Anchor in Islington, London, this Thursday, despite tickets going on sale last week.

The band would like to apologise to everyone who bought tickets.

Says Ginger: “We cancelled the gig because of lack of honour between artist and venue. The H&A agreed to have the show billed as a secret gig, for the hardcore fans only. When they decided to put the tickets up for sale on the Internet, without our permission, they breached the contract and went against the whole idea – which was a secret gig to be announced on the day before the show, to allow everyone the chance of getting a ticket.

“A show like this was expected to sell out instantly. It’s only fair that all fans be given the chance to obtain tickets, not just those with computers. Selling only to those with Internet access is unfair to those with jobs and without regular Internet access. We wanted to be able to get the message to everyone the day before, and give everyone a chance to get tickets the next day. Sorry for the inconvenience, but fair is the only way.”

Refunds are available from the point of purchase.

If you bought tickets for this show, we’d be grateful if you would send an email to silverginger@scuzz.com – stating how many you bought and where you bought them. Thanks.

All of the other advertised dates are on, so panic ye not.

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