The Snake, The Lion, The Monkey And The Spider

Recorded by: The Wildhearts
Written by: The Wildhearts


Over here, we have some guy
Conducting a very open meltdown in London
Over here, we have a scene of domestic discord
Played out in public

And so it appears that the laws that govern privacy
Have all stopped working, the rock stopped rocking
The train kept a-rolling with a monkey driving

Mom and Dad they made their nursery a jungle
Night came round, saw danger with nobody around
No god, no heroes just lunacy abound
Stay home you angels
The demons will pilot this asylum

Monkey moon shine down that they may be in light
La luna illuminator, behaviour instigator
We serve you our master, you crazy fucking bastard
Our will is your own, let’s get this party on
Chaos and despair
Jam up the air raging
Cherubim afire
Scream away the pain

Heaven’s a lie
Daddy’s home