Recorded by: The Wildhearts
Written by: Ginger


"Watch this space!"

White boy, white lie, two-faced dead guy
Too 'lust for life' to die along with it
Take it, talk it, comb that carpet
Pull on the bone and chaser in secret
(Golden slumber Golden slumber)
We know where you've been and we know what you're buying
(Too weak to lift the rock that you're under)
You're pissing on friends and still you deny it

Fine - fine, Junkenstein
Keep it up son
Take a look at what you could have won

Low count, pissjoy, wet back, pin boy
Turn off the light and take the fake ticket
Ex-Pat, B-Plan, take the money sick man
No guts to face it let alone kick it
(Golden slumber Golden slumber)
Wanna try pain? Try pain as a real man
(Too weak to lift the rock that you're under)
Wanna try change? Try changing the program
You say you're so tired, not as tired as I am

Fine - fine Junkenstein
You ain't so tough
Your eyes are never wide enough