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Postby Tazbert » 17th Dec 09, 11:36

Me next me next! Been lurking for far too long.....

Name : Dan
Age : 35ish
General Location : Surrey

Favourite Ginger Related Song : Yeah yeah yeah
Favourite Ginger Related Band : Wildhearts
Favourite Band Ever : Wildhearts\ACDC
Song That Sums Up My Life : Shut your fucking mouth & use your fucking brain.

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink : Tea! Oh and iced tea.
Alcoholic : Beer. And gin (Hendricks!)
Bananas : No. Defintely not. I tend to stay away from food that has the texture of something that's already been chewed for a couple of hours.
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Postby Trixi » 21st Dec 09, 01:55

So I thought I'd start by doing this

name : Trixi (no, it's not my real name)
a guess at your age : I know it, you can guess it. It's right there between 18 and 20 :wink:
general location : Estonia...take out your maps :lol:

favourite Ginger-related song : I got a thing for Destroy All Monsters and The Miles Away Girl
favourite Ginger-related band : Wildhearts
favourite band ever : it's gotta be either Wildhearts or Guns N' Roses
the song that sums up your life : maybe I should write one

favourite non-alcoholic drink : tea
favourite alcoholic beverage : a tie between beer and Jägermeister
bananas - yay or nay? : every girl loves bananas
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Postby my3dtvtan » 21st Dec 09, 02:03

Wow another 19year old Wildhearts fan! I thought I was the only one :wink:

Welcome :D
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Postby AdamGP » 22nd Dec 09, 17:18

Name : Adam, obviously
Age : 27
General Location : Shitsville FK3

Favourite Ginger Related Song: Schitzophonic. It'll likely be something different tomorrow though.
Favourite Ginger Related Band: The Wildhearts
Favourite Band Ever: AC/DC
Song That Sums Up My Life: As much as I'm tempted to be a smartarse and answer "Story of My Life" by Social Distortion or "Is This The Life" by Cardiacs, I honestly can't think of one particular song. Depends what mood I'm in I guess. Though if I think of something I'll post it.

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink : Irn Bru
Alcoholic: Vodka
Bananas: Aye sure why no.
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Postby bcaine » 23rd Dec 09, 14:01

Name : bcaine
Age : 33
General Location : Chessington

Favourite Ginger Related Song: How can you possibly choose!?! Stormy In The North....
Favourite Ginger Related Band: The Wildhearts
Favourite Band Ever: Smashing Pumpkins/Alexisonfire
Song That Sums Up My Life: Will let you know the day before I die.

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink : Water
Alcoholic: Jim
Bananas: Defo, sports candy rules!
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Postby macc lad » 23rd Dec 09, 18:50

Name : macc lad
Age : 39
General Location Dudley

Favourite Ginger Related Song: I wanna go where the people go....
Favourite Ginger Related Band: The Wildhearts
Favourite Band Ever: Wildhearts/Ginger
Song That Sums Up My Life: Eh up lets sup the macc lads

Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink : Tea
Alcoholic: Guiness/Lager/Cider all apart from vodka basically
Bananas: Yeah hot or cold
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macc lad
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby floyd » 11th Jan 10, 19:10

Name : Floyd
Age : 37
General Location : Suffolk
Favourite Ginger Related Song : Just can't answer that one!
Favourite Ginger Related Band : The Wildhearts
Favourite Band Ever : The Wildhearts, The Yo-Yo's and Pink Floyd
Wildhearts Songs That Sums Up My Life : Where Did Everyone Go?, Not Bitter, Just A Little Disappointed, It's Time To Let You Go
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink : Pepsi
Alcoholic : A Ice Cold Bottle Of Becks
Bananas : Yay

Me looking more than a little star struck!
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby wierdheart » 11th Jan 10, 20:00

name : elwood
a guess at your age : 30/18
general location : the states

favourite Ginger-related song : weekend
favourite Ginger-related band : WH
favourite band ever : pistols / WH
the song that sums up your life : tension by killing joke

favourite non-alcoholic drink : lemon water
favourite alcoholic beverage : no drinkie...just large amounts of weed
bananas - yay or nay? : yep
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby iddsy » 12th Jan 10, 09:21

name : iddsy
a guess at your age : 37
general location : lowestoft

favourite Ginger-related song : the man who cheated death/too many to mention
favourite Ginger-related band : wildhearts
favourite band ever : wildhearts
the song that sums up your life : dreamin in a

favourite non-alcoholic drink : pepsi
favourite alcoholic beverage : san miguel/kronenberg and of course a nice spliff with it
bananas - yay or nay? : yay
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby AngelM16 » 12th Jan 10, 13:38

name : AngelM16
a guess at your age : 30 something
general location : East Yorkshire

favourite Ginger-related song : Just in Lust/Weekend
favourite Ginger-related band : The Wildhearts
favourite band ever : The Wildhearts
the song that sums up your life : Weekend

favourite non-alcoholic drink : Elderflower cordial
favourite alcoholic beverage : Champagne (Margarita will do nicely though!)
bananas - yay or nay? : Nay!
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby piesJoy » 22nd Apr 10, 15:21

Hi all. :)

Name: Si

Age: 35

General location: Just outside of Edinburgh

Favourite Ginger related song: Sky Babies

Favourite Ginger related band: The Wildhearts

Favourite band: The Wildhearts/Royal Trux/Guns n' Roses.

Song that sums up your life: Good question. I'll get back to you on it.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Pepsi Max/ Diet Coke/ Flavoured coffee/coffee.

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Lager/Whisky and coke

Bananas: Gross!
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby siobhan_h » 12th Jul 10, 11:52

I've been a lurker for a while now, :P

Name: Siobhan
Age: 18, going on 6 mentally
General location: Just outside of Glasgow, what a joy...

Favourite Ginger-related song: Move On
Favourite Ginger-related band: The Wildhearts
Favourite band ever: The Wildhearts/Trivium/In Flames
The song that sums up your life: I'm nae actually sure, will have to ponder that yin

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Dr Pepper
Favourite alcoholic beverage: Jager & Dr Pepper, or vodka, or asbinthe, or Jack...I like alcohol
Bananas - yay or nay?: Nay nay nay, never in a million years, bleh!
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby beerofthedark » 12th Jul 10, 15:44

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, and Welcome!
pull up a pew, put your feet up and enjoy the ambience. and congratulations on your good taste in music 8-)
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Re: Intro-duck-tions

Postby siobhan_h » 12th Jul 10, 17:04

I feel welcomed :eek: I like it here already! ;)
My foot's on the gas & I'm thinking fast
I won't find no future by fixing the past!
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Postby Sarc » 12th Jul 10, 17:26

Give it a few weeks and you'll be thinking otherwise mwahahahaha
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