The Black Spiders (Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife)

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The Black Spiders (Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife)

Postby andy_b » 3rd Feb 07, 13:12

Went to see the Supersuckers last night in Doncaster, and as always they performed a fantastic show. Played a mixture of old stuff and new, they generally rocked our asses.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to talk about them, but about the support act. It took me a couple of minutes to recognise the singer, as he's grown a lot more hair since the last time I saw him play, but it turned out to be Pete Spilby from Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife (his post-Dogdrill band), playing in his new outfit The Black Spiders.

I'll be honest - it's been a while since I've been to a gig where I've seen an unknown (at least to me) support band, and they've blown me away, but they did last night, even though they couldn't find a bassist for "their first gig ever" so had to go with a 3-guitar ensemble!

They have a similar sound/vibe to Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife, so if you were ever a fan of either of these bands you should check them out - they have a space at with a couple of songs on it.

Andy B
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Postby Col » 3rd Feb 07, 16:01

Cool tunes. Singer remined me of scott weiland.
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Postby SteveP » 3rd Feb 07, 19:17

Absolutely loved Groop Dogdrill, as has been said elsewhere here by me, couldn't really get into Future Ex Wife, I only got their Miss September mini album
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Re: The Black Spiders (Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife)

Postby savillelaforge » 26th Aug 21, 10:28

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