Beer For Breakfast/If I Were You...

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Postby vanrad » 19th Dec 07, 17:30

Top man for hosting those files Mr Chuck Denver (if that's yer name)!!!

I was bored, went on ebay and typed in wildhearts, and was considering paying money for a bootleg of these SG5 tracks I'd never heard. Thought better check the forum and behold....

Excellent, this has made my day! Like a new Ginger sing!e!!
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Re: Beer For Breakfast/If I Were You...

Postby Mattie » 9th Jul 12, 00:20

Think this deserves a bump
The files are still there, thanks Andy B and Ean... I had missed these tracks, they're a lovely thing to find for anyone else who also didn't realise they were here!
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Re: Beer For Breakfast/If I Were You...

Postby RalphyWildheart » 12th Jul 12, 23:39

If anyone's still interested, the Harry album was called "The Trouble With. . . Harry" and it's a bloody good album. Check out the song "So Real" on youtube and she does a fantastic cover of Imagination.
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Re: Beer For Breakfast/If I Were You...

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 15th Jul 12, 15:32

I've got the Harry album but find it a bit poppy. She went far more in a rock direction after that with ex-Towers Of London guys Rev and Snell in her band. She now seems to have dumped rock and is going pop again with a new project called The Amazonica. :hmmm:
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