Hey! Hello!

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Hey! Hello!

Postby stagger » 13th Dec 12, 14:51

Colour me impressed
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby James S » 13th Dec 12, 15:22

great innit
James S
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby Zoloft » 13th Dec 12, 16:30

Outstanding set of tracks. Amazing how they are almost instantly sing-along-able, even on the first listen. Ginger continues to out-do himself. Thrilled that this project is so fantastic, since I don't expect the Mutation discs will be up my alley.
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby DangerousBeans » 13th Dec 12, 17:10

It really is superb.

I've had the Swimwear chorus burning a hole in my brain all day.I'm Gonna Kiss You Like I'm Going Away is not far behind.

My walk to work was ace this morning with some Hey Hello,Random John Poole,Eureka Machines and Sorry and the Sinatras blaring in my ears.

I narrowly averted a huge dog shite trampling while singing Kings of Shambles Street. :baghead:
Seems such a shame but it kept us entertained

Darren Brodie
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby sparky » 16th Dec 12, 18:52

Lovin' this so much right now :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby MikeH » 23rd Dec 12, 20:31

Love it, love everything about it. Every song is brilliant and this isn't just the fanboy in me speaking. Ginger and Victoria's combined singing gives me chills and most of the songs have an awesome retro feel to them. Had Black Valentine burning a hole in my brain for days and it wont leave. :dur:
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby Keith Richard » 24th Dec 12, 00:42

Yes, "Hey Hello" is pure aural sex - I want to marry Victoria! This is Ginger's peak for 2012. I have an open mind for "Mutation" but from what I've heard so far, it's not really my kind of music. All said and done, Ginger's delivered the goods this year. Thank you buddy!
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby lost johnny » 26th Dec 12, 20:42

Chock full of ear worms... Man of the Decade, no one else coming close in terms of musical output, live performances, ground-breaking new ways of making music, and above all the sincerity. Oops, man love breaking out here.
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby Jason_scorching_past » 29th Dec 12, 22:50

Agreed, on a par with 555%. It's like an album full of hit singles that hardly anyone will hear. Highlights for me - Black Valentine, THrill of it All, Punk Wars, Im Gonna Kiss you...

This is just pure Ginger catchy genius, Victora sounds amazing as usual particularly on the chorus to We're out of Here, something Christmassy about it...beautiful.

It's interesting the way Ginger has done this project combining it with Mutation, it's almost like there's not time to digest this album before the next one is with us. Still, not complaining, too much music is never really a problem.
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Re: Hey! Hello!

Postby MikeH » 6th Jan 13, 17:43

I honestly believe Black Valentine may end up as one of my favourite songs of all time - it just never gets old. Plus the amusement factor of people around me saying "Did he really just say what I thought he said?" when I play it never gets old. :lol:
Off to live in the colonies, no more Wildhearts shows. :(
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