The Yo-Yo's gig!!

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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby Dark Lord of Barnet » 19th Feb 12, 14:09

Assmask wrote:I am very keen to know how this went.
It was great! I only saw the first show but it was terrific fun! :mrgreen: Plan A were pretty good - and very hairy! Back to the old 2 guitar lineup for this gig. The Yo-Yo's were on surprisingly good form for a band who have probably had mininal rehearsal. The songs were fantastic as ever, and even though they only played for about 35-40 minutes it was a good ten minutes or so longer than many of the sets I saw them play back in the day. Danny looked healthy and was on good form - he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself! Great crowd, including many people I don't often see these days or haven't seen for years. :mrgreen: The only downside was the two seperate shows thing restricting socialising and keeping people apart some of the time - so some of us headed off to a nearby pub later on for some decent beers instead of hanging around at the Barfly. ;)

See you all for Danny's 50th then? :eh:
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby Arm Squirrel » 19th Feb 12, 16:54

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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby sw_uk » 19th Feb 12, 19:00

malibukid wrote:Set list???

Plan A :
What I want
Moving Along
Thicker Skins
Big White Dress
Alright Jack
Zigackly (Plan A + Tom = Sugar Snatch)
Hey Ho!

I have deleted my photo by editing.
Please find Steveo123's set next me as my photo was missing the first song! Thank you, Steveo123.

Absolutely fantastic-----------------!!

Glad to see Plan A, Sugar Snatch song and Yo-Yo's. Fantastic. Can we have same gig for Danny's 41 birthday? Please----.
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby Steveo123 » 19th Feb 12, 19:32

Heres the set for the late one was exact other than 1 track at the start (unless your pic cut the top off) i went to both but due to severe drunkenness i seem to remember little lol! but enough to remember it was fucking fantastic! Had a good chat with Danny and was in excellent spirits
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby markE » 20th Feb 12, 14:28

i was at the first show - we got the above set list plus
teenage kicks
oh you silly thing
i wanna be sedated

all the above were performed by andy cairns, chris mcC, danny, Ritch, and Ray Mcveigh from the professionals.
i really enjoyed everything but i have to say it was over far too quickly. some people had travelled an awful long way to get there and it was blink and you'd missed it situation.
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby luceo non uro » 20th Feb 12, 17:42

2nd (late) show for me. Best fun I've had at a gig for... ever. Very happy vibe, band on surprisingly good form. 'Home from Home' a highlight, and 'Screamager' was an amazing bonus which sounded great. looking forward to the T? gig in April even more now.

It wasn't a long gig, but best to leave the crowd begging, right?
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby markE » 21st Feb 12, 11:35

apparently Debbie Harry was there!
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Re: The Yo-Yo's gig!!

Postby Spiritwalker » 21st Feb 12, 14:39

markE wrote:apparently Debbie Harry was there!

I saw that chat on Facebook but still not sure if it's true. I was there all night for both shows but certainly don't remember seeing her, though I do recall a certain Mr Numan wandering in upstairs just after the 2nd set had finished.
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