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Postby davejnick » 30th May 07, 22:23

I had a bizarre dream recently where you were climbing up a tree for charity and a load of us G&TSC Board-ers were sat around the tree watching. Then Hannah suggested that it'd be funny if we all ran away and hid so that we wouldn't be there when you came back down. So we did, and when you came down the tree you looked a bit lost then shrugged your shoulders and climbed back up again.

Do you think this means anything, or should I just stop eating spicy food before bedtime?
How dare you!
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Postby Ady » 31st May 07, 18:36

What are your favourite top 3 pop bands??
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Postby JSayonara » 1st Jun 07, 02:04

Been listening to Rooting for the bad guys for a while now and I was wondering is the Doctor Phibes referred to "the Abominal Dr Phibes" from the Jess Franco film? Knowing of your love for obscure horror/gore flicks I thought it could be possible. Also to further a question posted on these boards just who the hell is Falcon Eddie?

I hate Tweety Pie too and I always wanted Elmer Fudd to blast that fucking rabbit!
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Q's on Laziness & art direction...

Postby RG » 1st Jun 07, 09:14

Hello Ginger. I’ve just a couple of questions for you if that’s okay.

The first concerns your stanch of laziness/non-motivation. I’d bet that I’m not the only one who has noticed your thoughts and no nonsense stance on it. For example songs such as ‘TV Tan’ & ‘Do Anything’ as well comments about it in interviews and in live shows coupled with your amazing work ethic made me want to ask why you feel this way. In other words is there something in your life that made you feel so strongly about the subject? (Also I’d be interested to know what drives you, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything. It’d help my rather unbalanced work ethic!).

Secondly I wanted to ask about the art direction of single & album covers. Most specifically the PHUQ era artwork done by D. Dean. He has a great style and has been an influence on me with my own drawings (wanna see?! :P).
I was wondering could you tell us about him, how you met him, where info can be found on him, what you look for in artists for your covers plus anything related to this matter would be cool as I always loved The Wildhearts/solo albums art direction.

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Postby AndyRoo » 12th Jun 07, 03:05

Firstly, forgive me if this entry crashes the website, but I've just spilt beer all over my keyboard laughing at some of the questions! quality stuff being asked!! Sorry to lower the standard!

(Yes I know, asking for forgiveness if technically the first question but time to move on...)

It's amazing how many multipule question's you've been given, so I've tried to break mine down...

Question 1) this surrounds the ultimate Ginger show, not "Ginger the band", but you putting forward something from everywhere... - If you could write a set list including songs from each of your many projects, which songs would it include ? (Question 1a) which band line up would you want playing it? (and Question 1b) Which venue would you chose to play that gig if there was only one available? (Question 1c) and Why that Venue? (Question 1d) finally Why would that show work more than any other?

Question 2) Is there anything you have ever said live or recorded lyrically that you have gone on to regret? (Question 2a) if so, what?

Question 3) What made the Nottingham gig on the last tour, a show you were so visibly unimpressed with? (Question 3a) was it the early curfew time?

Question 4) Which camp are you in: Maiden's or Ozzy's (or rather Maiden's or Sharon's)?

Question 5) - sorry, a boring technical question: what amp settings do you use?

Question 6) Is there a song of yours which you feel particularly under-rated or hard-done by? if so (you guessed it, Question 6a) which one? (and Question 6b) why?
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Postby AndyRoo » 12th Jun 07, 03:18

Forgive the double entry (oooooerrrr) but just thought of another hopefully worthy of asking....

Would you ever consider playing Anthem as part of a set without Danny? - Obviously the "oh no, I think I'm gonna throw" line has been adopted since his departure...
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Postby Rancidpunk_76 » 19th Jun 07, 21:47

More of a request than a question - What's the chances of getting Therapy? on the bill for your Xmas gig this year?

I've started a poll on the forum and the replies have been extremely positive, some good requests for bands people would like to see play with you guys.

Do you read the forums and would you take note of requests for certain bands to appear on tour with The Wildhearts?

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Postby benwalton » 27th Jul 07, 19:51

after the april/may tour, what were your thoughts on GU Medicine and Sign?
and just last week as i was clearing shit from off my shelf...
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Postby getting_it_sucks » 16th Sep 07, 16:23

AndyRoo wrote:
Question 5) - sorry, a boring technical question: what amp settings do you use?

From Ask ginger April 2003:

"I avoid middle, and turn everything else up. Volume is usually the secret, you can turn your gain down more when it's really loud. I tune one below concert pitch. I don't like any tuning other than regular. "
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Postby wez_wildheart » 19th Sep 07, 12:17

few questions :

are there any plans to launch a new Wildhearts street team through Round Records in the near future? or would the costing as well as communication through the internet deem it too risky or a fruitless venture?

secondly thanks for a superb show in Belfast.just how the hell did you all manage to bounce around with that bloody great big pole in stuck on the stage? it is a thorn in the side of any gig goer to the Spring and Airbrake,much less the did Scott cope?

are there any further plans for the band to come back again to hopefully a bigger venue in Belfast rather than the last 2 venues you have played? I noticed a younger crowd this time as well as healthy mix of us oldies and think that Belfast could be a potential hotspot for The Wildhearts moreso than in the past.
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Postby fluffygrue » 22nd Sep 07, 15:45

Just a bit of gentle nagging.. :D

Any chance of re-recording Truth? You said a few years back that there was a possibility of it happening.. and it's such a great track. Would be nice to see it properly released..
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Postby benwalton » 7th Oct 07, 10:06

Where on earth did you get those freak cards that you threw at us in nottingham?!

How's the solo album coming along?

Is Scott always that sweaty?
and just last week as i was clearing shit from off my shelf...
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Postby FF5M » 7th Oct 07, 11:19

Banky wrote:My question is... are you likely to play Sky Babies this time around? Wasn't the main reason for not playing it other times because Danny couldn't remember it? Shouldn't be a problem this time...right? Otherwise, how about Shitzophonic? Not as long but just as epic! I'm going to the Oxford gig no the 28th and I will probably shit myself wih glee if I hear it.

Don't forget Channel Bop. Amazing live, I saw SG5 play it once, that is the best live performance of any hearts song I have ever seen.
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Postby richyboy1981 » 14th Oct 07, 23:54

Or Inglorious......this song HAS to be played. i cant understand why they dont play it, when it just about the perfect tune. Schizo is a killer too, but has been played a few times (with Danny). id love to hear Chennel bop.
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Postby Rancidpunk_76 » 29th Oct 07, 23:44

Any chance of the WIldhearts appearing in the GUITAR HERO game franhcise some time in the future? What with downloadable content being added all the time to these games how would fans be able to go about nagging the games developers to include you guys? Heck, is it something you'd even be interested in?
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