The Wildhearts on Rock Band game

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The Wildhearts on Rock Band game

Postby martinos » 4th Mar 09, 15:35

Someone asked the question in the latest Ginger Says, but here is how we get the Wildhearts involved in these music games. We need to add out support to the discussion board.

It'll take you 20 seconds to sign up to the board and add your support. C'mon... you know the band deserves your support. There's plenty of similar sized bands to the Wildhearts that have had downloadable songs on Rock Band. ... ost2045914


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Postby vanrad » 4th Mar 09, 16:58

I will add my support .... but can't we make it Guitar Hero?

Only kidding... but if anybody knows how to go about this in the same way for Guitar Hero then post away.
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Postby Ean » 4th Mar 09, 18:32

Having checked the site out, you might find you have more success by resurrecting one of the several Wildhearts threads that already exist?

One thread with many responses being more likely to attract attention than half a dozen that only have a couple of replies each.
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Postby Nomad » 4th Mar 09, 23:09

I wanna go...would surely be awesome Rockband stuff.

"Rooting..." as suggested in that thread is never a goer at 8 mins long is it?
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Postby vanrad » 5th Mar 09, 10:13

It was I that suggested 'Rooting' and what's wrong with 8 minutes long? There's some really long songs on Guitar Hero, there's a Dream Theater one that seems to last forever!
Remember we're not trying to appeal to the commercial masses here but the widdly widdly guitar band hero computer geek person. (I think I'm too old in fit into that category)

Having said that- I'd be happy with any WH/ Ginger song.... but I'd imagine that the newer stuff The Wildhearts would have all the necessary rights to licence it, etc. EastWest and others probably have the older stuff.
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Postby Ady » 11th Mar 09, 08:37

You can vote for Guitar Hero suggestions here. I've suggested the Wildhearts a couple of times. Not sure how often they look at the board, but hey if Rasmus can get on it then the WH can too!!

I'm up for the WH on either GH or RB but i don't own RB, but then the Beatles one is out later Summer, so might be an excuse to invest in that one, and apparently the instruments from GH will be compatible. Which is nice of them.
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Re: The Wildhearts on Rock Band game

Postby Tiever » 5th Jun 21, 08:55

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