Sorry and the Sinatras Lyrics

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Sorry and the Sinatras Lyrics

Postby SkyNorton » 31st Dec 10, 22:05

Since I couldn't find them posted anywhere online, I decided i'd post them somewhere people might need them.
Black n' Blue
Spoiler: show
Screaming, Screaming at the top of my lungs so i dont go crazy.
Dreaming, about being back in the loving arms of my baby.

Black and blue, fucked up and tattooed
aint what my mama wanted for me
but im deep in the shit and i cant quit now
got the plunger pulled back, watch the blood turn brown
guess it aint lookin good for me

Nothings gonna kill you faster than rock n' roll,
its a little too easy and a little too out of control
wake up high and lonely, carry on with the show
nothings gonna kill you faster than rock n' roll

Feeling, feeling like a rag doll strung out
through the wringer
Bleeding, counting all the brand new scars on my fingers

Black and blue, fucked up and tattooed
aint what my mama raised me to be
but theres no use crying on old regrets
and there aint no reason that i aint dead yet
guess someones looking out for me

Jesus christ i dont know what i was thinking!

Burns City Burns
Spoiler: show
See the glass shards spray across the street
Dont care if i live or die
With a handful of blood and concrete
pull back and watch the first brick fly
you should have seen it
the writings on the wall

got faith, no hope, we've lost all self control
we'll sit and watch burns city burn
god speed, soul sold, breath in a strangle hold
we'll sit and watch burns city burn

got a bottle burning bright with gasoline
got a 17 second fuse
got a match and a smoking cigarette
got a bottle that aint been used
you shouldve seen it
the writings on the wall

Spoiler: show
Broken bottles, broken bones
crooked teeth and mathadone
you could say that times have been better
razor blades and safety pins
help to thicken up the skin
Try what you will but you still cant forget her

and to keep on going
your still blowing lines, and breaking down
but the bags your scraping
stop the shaking for now (but just for now)

Wreckless, wasted
you'll never find much better company
Hopeless, half dead
the half that still alive is no part of me

ruin your life
strung out in Riverside

Living hard and grinding gears
left you old before your years
you sure aint pretty but it suits your disposition

times are tight and tighter still
maybe suicide will pay the bills
and you give some recognition

while the suns been rising,
you've been trying
to get to sleep for days
but the paranoia, got you in the worst of ways
so waste away

No Angels
Spoiler: show
Never met a saint
Never knew no angels
they aint around where we came from
from San Jose to Philadelphia
Ive loved em all i hated most

Well alright, alright
i could sleep so easy tonight
but no angels gonna come and clean my wounds

Never meant to be more than a martyr
been crucified with nails and dust
i cool my neck with holy water
may clean the skin, cant hide the rust

shes done, she said
full bottle in an empty bed
what do i do, i do it wrong
stains gone, but she stays
it all fades away
i cant find my way home

Clean my wounds

Borrowed Time
Spoiler: show
Ive been sittin, settin fire
tired of wasting away
spill the wine
save a line for another day
Aint got the rent and nobody gonna bail me out
I drink my coffee with a percocet

Im living on valium and borrowed time
life is kicking my head in but im alright
theres nothing that i could say
that would make you feel any better, baby
you throw me under the welfare bus
with a pocket full of valium

Shes been drinking
thinking i've been up to nothing good
Come home swinging, screaming
she just misunderstood
shes my girl, but she dont even wanna fuck around

She finds it easy to bring me down
down to my knees, down on the ground
and she dont think its right
that i stay with you tonight
but your all thats on my mind

Gimmie More
Spoiler: show
Cut the static on the stereo
diggin ditches that you just wanna
throw me down
some gift, you delt me the shit
do you think that you so beautiful now

I dont know where i'll wake tomorrow
dont know how i'll get through the day
you stomp the ground where i've been sleeping
and you give me more, gimmie more

your bitchins tearing out the stitches
be all end all my scars are so sewn on
pressure pressure, panic panic, building building

im screaming at the world to just fuck off

Hated Heart
Spoiler: show
I hit the floor, for the second time today
and the getting up is getting harder than it used to be
The photographs of innocence
reminders of the time we spent
and where we are dont make much sense to me

and as far as i can tell, this is gonna hurt like hell

This hated heart was meant to break
its got me paying for my mistakes
tear it apart, throw it away
before this hated hearts the death of me

Been rollin round
in a skin i thought i shed
but its all a mess
the consequences hang over the bed
and when the goddamn floor just gives away
from years of wreckage and decay
i'll find a place where i can lay my head

Spoiler: show
Well im a big fuckin mess on the bathroom floor
arms are bleeding, head leaning on the door
I dont wanna be a fuckin junkie anymore
swear im gonna kick after my next score

stumble down the boulevard and make it to the corner
punch the pay phone cause i stole my last quarter
only got a 20 and i hope he still serves me
he said 5 minutes but its been 30

this aint no kind of life
so tired of being so tired and sick
one day im gonna walk that line
but how ya gonna kick this time

guess i've gotta roll, but i've got nowhere to go

fresh out of parliments
im digging through the ashtray
half smoked cigarettes will have to do today
dear john letters and a warrant for my head
shoot shoot, bang bang, fuck it im dead

how ya gonna live your life
detox dont seem to do the trick
one day im gonna walk that line
but how ya gonna kick this time

and i'll be leaving with a smile
gonna pack my shit and head down that moonlight mile
just cause your doing the wrong thing
dont mean you aint doing it right
if it gets you through the night
whatever gets you through the night

guess im gonna roll

Nose Don't Work
Spoiler: show
Pack of Pall Malls,
Bathroom Stall
cut a line up on the toilet and i killed the 8 ball
But my nose dont work no more
been hangin on the floor just looking for some more

but my nose dont work

goin toe to toe with a bottle of old crow
think the whiskeys winning but theres still a round to go
but my nose dont work

So Far From Home
Spoiler: show
Lord i've been dressed in a bad reputation
And i do agree that it suits me just fine
all the mainstays of my education
were blackouts, bar stools and dives
or a van broken down on the outskirts of town
where the loneliness was guaranteed
and all that youve got
its the hope of a shot
and a whole lot of nothing you need

tear the heart out my chest
while im makin the best
of a life i cant let go

So far from home
oh baby, im so far from home
you aint the only one thats gotta go it alone
so far from home
oh baby, so far from home
i know its hard but its all i've ever known
so far from home

the weight of the weeks on my shoulders
takes its toll as the time passes on
i think of my boy getting older
feels like years since i've been gone
and when i just want to tell you i love you
it just seems to kick off again
you jsut start screaming so i just start drinking
until i lose my head

so before you pick a fight
know that i miss you tonight
though my promises may mean shit
i swear we'll be alright

i've read all the letters you've sent me
i guess they were well understood
been so long since i've made you happy
been so long since i thought i could

but when the bus rolls on into london
the lights dim and we hit the stage
my heart starts pounding
i laugh at the sound and you go write another page

you aint the only one
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Re: Sorry and the Sinatras Lyrics

Postby siobhan_h » 4th Jan 11, 01:55

Ohhh thank you :D
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Re: Sorry and the Sinatras Lyrics

Postby Pauly » 19th Jul 13, 10:08

This album is still good enough to make my nipples hard.
I forgot to remember to forget
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Re: Sorry and the Sinatras Lyrics

Postby lukenlow » 21st Mar 18, 15:25

Totally agree with you, I am very glad that I came to this site and became a member of its discussions
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