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PHUQ live – download available now!

By Kris | June 3, 2016

‘Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live’ recorded during last year’s 20th anniversary PHUQ tour is available now on download as part of Ginger’s latest ‘Round Records’ PledgeMusic campaign.

‘Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung’ (named by Wildhearts fan Tom Reed in tribute to The Wildhearts’ dedicated fans) is available on CD and beautiful 2x transparent purple LP from the 1st July, containing the full album track listing played in full plus a selection of encores.

Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live tracklisting:

“I Wanna Go Where The People Go”
“V Day”
“Just In Lust”
“Baby Strange”
“Nita Nitro”
“Jonesing For Jones”
“Woah Shit, You Got Through”
“Cold Patootie Tango”
“Be My Drug”
“Naivety Play”
“In Lilly’s Garden”
“Getting It”

“Stormy In The North, Karma In The South”
“Weekend (5 Long Days)”
“Red Light, Green Light”
“White Lies”
“29 x The Pain”

2 Responses to “PHUQ live – download available now!”

  1. Gavin Says:
    November 5th, 2017 at 18:22

    I want to buy this, preferably as a download, but I’ll buy a CD if you do international shipping. But the shop link on this site is dead, and so is the Pledgemusic page. Cheers!

  2. Eden Says:
    April 1st, 2019 at 05:36

    The live album was recorded when the band reunited in September 2015 to celebrate the h anniversary of their most commercially successful album PHUQ and 


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