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PledgeMusic campaign for Ginger’s next project!

By Andy B | August 2, 2011

Today we launch a PledgeMusic campaign that will aim to release Ginger’s next record – a triple album no less! That’s 30 brand-spanking new tracks up for grabs!

The way it will work is you help to fund the recording and production of the album up front, making you the fan a part of the “record company”, and taking the control away from the big labels to keep this a truly independent release. Once the target has been reached, pledged money will be drawn from your account, the album will be recorded and then released to you as soon as it’s finished.

If the target isn’t reached in time, then the project doesn’t happen at all, and no money will be taken from anyone… but we don’t want that now do we?

You can hear what Ginger has to say about the project here:

There are 4 options in which you can show your support:

Option 1: Digital album – £10
You will get all 30 songs digitally delivered to your inbox for just £10, as well as access to exclusive online content during the making of the album!! That’s just 30 pence a song. Bargain.

Option 2: Deluxe 3 CD Set – £20
Only available to those that pre order this triple album, this 3 CD set will contain all 30 songs recorded for this project and will never be available to buy in shops. It will be strictly made to order. You’ll also receive all 30 songs digitally & access to all the exclusive online content.

Option 3: Signed CD Set – £25
As option 2 above, but all signed by Ginger himself.

Option 4: The Ultimate Contribution! Special Thanks CD & Ltd Edition Vinyl Set – £100
You’ll be personally thanked in the liner notes of the CD booklet and receive a limited edition Deluxe Triple Album Vinyl Set, as well as a signed triple CD and the digital download of all 30 tracks. This is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, and is something a bit special indeed!

Please give what you can to ensure this project is a success. As an added incentive, if we get there then 10% of the pledge fund will donated to Save The Children, so it’s not just us fans that will benefit!

You can find the PledgeMusic page here, where you can offer your contribution to this unique project.

One Response to “PledgeMusic campaign for Ginger’s next project!”

  1. Lyall George Says:
    August 2nd, 2011 at 10:05

    Ginger. you are a genius (Penis).
    each level of contributing is worthy and better than the last.
    Come pay day, you will have your pound of flesh!



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