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Night Calls 411

By Kris | July 6, 2004

We have a request from Ginger that we hope one of you kind folks out there can come good on:

“Had a great time in USA and it’s good to be back home safely. I am however missing one quintissentially American thing so badly that I wonder if anyone can assist?

On the bus we became avid followers of the Playboy channel and the most bizzarre, hilarious, “did I just see/hear THAT” television programme I have ever seen: something called ‘Night Calls 411, with Crystal Knight’. There is no way that this thing will ever be available here in UK and I am seriously missing this unique and unbelievable show, badly. I gotta prove to people that this thing actually exists!

If anyone has the Playboy channel on satellite and they would kindly record some shows on CDR for me, I will happily trade for something far more rewarding.

Any help? Reply via the web site – website@thewildhearts.com and use the PO Box address on the website for posting.”

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