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CJ Says – Right now we… ROCK!

By CJ | September 15, 2003

CJ on stage, by Wayne CharltonHi Boys, Girls, Cats and Dogs

CJ here and lovin it. Just got back home to Tokyo and it’s hot and I’m suffering from a mighty dose of jetlag, gets me every time. Now when it’s hot in Japan there is nothing back in the UK that can compare. It’s like a sauna 24/7 and you either deal with it or go under. Every building, car, bus and train has A/C so that’s a major help but the second you step outside the heat hits you. Call me sick but I love it, like being hit in the face with a steamy sponge. It kind of turns me on. I’ve always found the weather in the UK crap and the last 10 years have been like living under a rock… DAMP… neither hot or cold. I know it’s been a good summer and i hope the next one is boiling. When the sun is out people look and act better. One thing i really hate and it seems to be a UK thing is when it’s hot folks want it cold and when it’s cold folks want it hot. Just enjoy what you get cause you’ll be lucky if it’s gonna get any better.

Right the album. Now I know it’s very poppy and some of you think it lacks riffs. Well I’m a sucker for a good tune and this album is packed full of them. If you look back you’ll notice every album has a different sound and you can almost guarantee that the next one will have riffs a plenty. So love what we are doing and you mailing list people stop bitching. At least with an album out we can tour and be around for a while.

We’ve just finished a bunch of B sides for the next single ‘Top Of The World’ and a video. I’ve written a couple, so has Ginger. Jon has written a great song called ‘L.T.D.’ and I have to say, it has one of the hardest riffs I’ve heard in a song. It took Ginger and myself an afternoon to learn and it was hell to record. It’s great to have a bass player back in the band and it’s a joy to play with someone of Jon’s talent. Man you gotta hear this bald demon play, like Kojak on speed and he’s a cool guy to boot.

This band will always have its problems but they seem to motorvate us. A lot of bands would give up with what we have to deal with but we always find that extra little something. I hope we are around for some time to come and I hope we can count on your support, whether our albums are poppy or noisy, we are always The Wildhearts and right now we… ROCK!… Can you dig it suckers!! Cause it’s all our turf!!

CJ… The Beast in the East


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