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Tour update and So Into You release date

By Kris | April 24, 2003

A quick message from the band’s management about how the tour is going:

“The tour is moving along very nicely. The Nottingham show was held up a little due to production set up but it looks and sounds great in my opinion! The band are on fire on-stage at the moment – the set last night was amazing but I may be a little biased. When you see any of the crew when you come to the shows give them a pat on the back as they are working their tits off to make this happen. Ginger picked up a little injury to his back but he is having some massage treatment and is fine.”

They also sent through the setlist that the band have been taking onstage with them, which you can look at here.

In addition we can confirm that the next single ‘So Into You’ is released May 12th and will be across 3 formats: 2 CDs and 7″ vinyl.

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