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Ginger Says – Alcohol And Girls

By Ginger | April 6, 2001

Ginger, a car and some laydeez by Simon CourtneyThere really is nothing else, is there?

I woke up this morning (cue blues riff) and the world was getting in my arse something rotten. Bills, debts and general badness abounded about my existence. ‘Fuck this’, I thought, ‘let’s hit that bottle of Absolute and fuck it all. In fact, fucking fuck it all. Fuckers. They can get a sober man down, but a pissed up Geordie… no fucking way baybeehhh, just no fucking way’.

Got myself drunk as a lord and the first of many things happened.

Sanctuary Management placed a bill in my hands for services rendered for the silly figure of £18,000 (er, did I miss something? I thought they didn’t get me signed or earn me a single penny? What a wonderful business!). Now, as you in the real world know full well, this kind of money doesn’t exist. It might as well be £18 million – I’m going to jail, y’know?

Then I got a call from Nikki Sixx who said that he loves the SilverGinger 5 record (hey, ya gotta check this out) and wants to sign us to his label. And guess who wants to close the deal? Sanctuary America – the same people that issued that extortionate bill to me this very morning!!!

At this point I’m thinking, ‘there is absolutely no reason for getting wound up about anything, just get drunk and see how it all looks from that side of the bottle’. See? It’s easy. You don’t need smack, you don’t need crack, you don’t need nothin’ that’s gonna get you arrested. Drink, it’s your friend. And a fucking good friend at that.

Then my girl comes home and puts it all into perspective. She says (and take this in, it’s a blinding piece of advice): “Do the right thing and it will bring you good luck.” She was so right that I had to pour myself a new drink.


If you’re a good person, and aren’t fucking over anyone that didn’t deserve it, you will be paid back in justice. Why? Because there are millions of people not doing the right thing; trying to break people’s balls; making the less fortunate suffer for their enforced supposed superiority; booking themselves a one way ticket to Hell. And believe me they are going right there. No drop offs, next stop fire and punishment.

Me? I’m gonna be up there where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, and God is gonna say, “well done young man, what a bunch of wankers!” See, God fucking hates cunts. And cunts make up the majority of the world… therefore Heaven is a place with free tables and good service.

Justice will be seen to be served. As it always has… you just didn’t notice.

New solo singles, tickets for Wildhearts shows selling swiftly, SG5 finally getting the attention they deserve (maybe?) and realising that your girl is the greatest thing to happen to you since you came kicking and screaming into this world. What more could anyone want?

Well, I’ll tell you what I want. I want you lot going fucking mental in June. Acoustic shows, SG5 shows, Wildhearts shows – it’s enough to make you cry. I don’t feel like I’m in a band. I feel like I’m in a gang, and there are hundreds of us fuckers!!! Power in numbers? You’d better believe it.

Someone emailed me the other day saying that my heart wasn’t in this. The guy must live on an island in the middle of Dickville! No one knows exactly how me, Danny, CJ and Stidi are feeling at the moment, but it’s real and it rocks. It’s a free bar. And it’s vibrating like an epileptic woodpecker. It hurts. And it feels like life.

Timing? Alcohol? Girls? ROCK ‘N ROLL? Fuck it all and let’s party like we invented getting high! Shit man, know how cool this Summer is gonna be? Think about it, then times it by hundreds, and it feels good, right? Wrong!!! You don’t even know, because you haven’t ever felt like you’re going to feel. You only know how you have felt, and that example is only there to be improved upon. Fuck, I can only thank God that he didn’t put me here in the last generation and had me miss all of this shit.

Gotta go now, I’m scaring myself. Life is fucking beautiful and hard as fuck. Would you want it any other way? Yeah, me neither!!!

Rock fucking absolutely ROCKS!

Peace, love, alcohol and girls


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