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Ginger Says – I never wanted to be a part of something. I want it to be a part of me

By Ginger | April 18, 1999

Ginger by Simon CourtneyWelcome to our little over one month old Silver Ginger web site. This thing is updated regularly, so keep hitting that button. We’ve been getting over 1,000 visitors a week, and to be brutally honest with you lot, I’m honoured, chuffed and just plain old proud that you still give a shit. I know I’ve said that you are the best, but it looks like you ain’t going to let me forget it either.

If you look at the news page you’ll see that things are getting under way for the recording of the Silver Ginger album, so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll just tell you that this is gonna be the album that blows the cobwebs off the stagnant scene that woefully calls itself entertainment. This album is going to make the dead dance and the mute sing. And with more hooks per square inch than a pirate’s convention, there won’t be a dry tongue in the house.

Yeah, I know the last band was a catchy little combo, but I’m streamlining the beast, removing the excess metal. And I’ve ended up with something that gleams like a platinum-coated mirrorball on fireworks night. You thought you’d heard catchy before? You thought you’d danced before? Forget what you’ve been used to for the last year or two. Rock ‘n’ roll is coming home, and it’s bringing the party with it.

Since I’ve been here in the US, I’ve discovered two things. One, music has turned into grunge again. Fucking grunge, I tell you! OK, so the lank hair has been replaced by neat styling; actors and musicians have started sharing the same hairdressers again, and the clothes have gotten more colourful and cleaner. But this is due to the latest skate designers, not musicians mixing, matching and trying to look like rock stars. I mean c’mon, snowboarding, skateboarding – the only thing that’s changed in the last ten years is the surface. This is not rock ‘n’ roll.

And secondly, America is the same as everywhere else in the world – it’s the same in Japan, Britain, Europe and even the darkest reaches of Africa… everyone’s bored shitless. Where’s the entertainment? The only people putting on a show are metal guys like Manson and Zombie, and although this is very healthy and good, where are the tunes??? Where’s the action?????

Everywhere I go, all I hear is the same old complaint. ‘Whatever happened to bands that made songs for the soundtrack to my life?’ ‘When was the last time I got a girl / boy from being at a gig?’ Metal is music for boys. Girls don’t go to metal concerts and if they do it’s to humour their boyfriend, or because their friends have crap taste and they can’t dance. They certainly don’t go to pull guys! Everyone’s bored and nobody’s fucking. And someone needs to do something about it.

So here is my promise… Silver Ginger music will get you laid, or your money back. I know that’s a tall order but I’m confident. As soon as the world starts singing and dancing and smiling again, the walls will come down, the clothes will come off and rock n’ roll will live.

Trust me on this one.

Love And Rockets…


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