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Sonic Shake Appeal

Thursday, November 9th, 2000

SilverGinger 5 Live at the Scala, London · 9th November 2000 · Review by Darren Stockford, photos by Clay Roberts “If something started to go wrong, we’d just think, what would Iggy do?” Ginger’s standing in the upstairs bar explaining the method behind his band’s madness. Two hours earlier they’d launched the starship SilverGinger in […]

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Seafood Of The Gods

Tuesday, July 20th, 1999

Clam Abuse Live at the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth · 20th July 1999 · Review by Darren Stockford “So, Ginger, when are The Wildhearts getting back together?” Running Ginger’s web site, acting as a go between for the fans and the artist formerly known as Mr Wildheart, me and Tara get to read an awful lot […]

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