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January 1994 The Wildhearts cancel three live dates after Ginger breaks his left arm fighting with a kitchen cupboard. Meanwhile, the band are voted into the top tens of various categories in RAW magazine's Readers' Poll of 1993: fifth best UK band (they're beaten by Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Little Angels and The Almighty) and eighth best live show (with Def Leppard and The Almighty beating them again). Earth Vs The Wildhearts is voted eighth best album. Its sleeve comes fourth in the Best Album Sleeve category.

7 February 1994 New single Caffeine Bomb is released. The video causes a stir in the music press due to a scene in which Ginger and CJ vomit into each other's faces (it's soup!). The single reaches number 31 in the UK chart.

17 February 1994 The band perform Caffeine Bomb on legendary UK music show Top Of The Pops, dressed in outrageous clothes and make-up. The lyrics "baby, can't you see I'm shitting brown water" pass by the censor unnoticed, thanks to Dante Bonutto submitting a false lyric ("baby, can't you see I'm in deep water) to the show's producers.

5 March 1994 XL's night club in Birmingham hosts a Wildhearts promotional evening. The band attend.

7 March - 1 April 1994 The Wildhearts' Full Roar '94 tour plays to 23 venues around the UK. Willie Dowling (who played on Earth Vs The Wildhearts) is added to the touring line-up as a keyboard player. Support comes from Scottish labelmates Baby Chaos. Splitpigs also join the party at the Forum in London's Kentish Town on 27 March, where Ginger wears a white tuxedo and asks the crowd to join him in an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday. It's his mother's birthday, and she watches the gig from the balcony. A typical set list from the tour runs: Nothing Ever Changes But The Shoes, Greetings From Shitsville, Everlone, Liberty Cap, Shame On Me, Suckerpunch, News Of The World, Caffeine Bomb, My Baby Is A Headfuck, Love U Til I Don't. Some fans complain that the hour-long sets are too short.

March 1994 The first ever Wildhearts fanzine, Ginger Nuts!, is published, to which I contribute. Its editor, Tara Wilcock, sells all 100 copies at the Glasgow date (where Ginger is so impressed that he dedicates the show to both me and Tara, not realising that I'm not actually at the gig). Tara hastily reprints the issue and sells another 200 at The Forum in London, where we witness security trying to eject CJ from his own band's after-show party (CJ: "I'm in the fucking band!").

28 March 1994 The BBC film The Wildhearts for a documentary called In Search Of Happiness. Wildhearts fan Claire Templeman is interviewed at home by presenter Angus Deayton, and later meets the band at the Bristol Bierkeller gig.

March 1994 Caffeine Bomb is added to Earth Vs The Wildhearts and the album is re-released.

25 April 1994 Don't Be Happy... Just Worry is re-released as a single CD.

27 April 1994 UK 'inkie' music magazine, Melody Maker, publish their first major interview with The Wildhearts.

May 1994 While spending some rehearsal time in Wales, Ginger takes pity on a retired racehorse and decides to buy it. He christens it Miss Wildheart and leaves it in the care of Noreen Vaughan, landlady of pre-recording and pre-tour rehearsal studio, the Preseli Country House Hotel, Pembrokeshire.

June 1994 Issue two of Ginger Nuts! is published.

4 June 1994 The Wildhearts headline the Metal Hammer stage at Donington. Their set ends with Ginger throwing his (spare) guitar into the crowd and urging whoever catches it to form a band. The guitar is immediately ripped to shreds by the excited audience.

June 1994 The band are holed up in Comfort's Place studio in Surrey, beginning work on the follow-up to Earth Vs The Wildhearts. Mark Dodson is producing. By the end of the month, the backing tracks for 18 songs, including Inglorious, Schizophonic and Geordie In Wonderland, have been completed. While driving to the studio one day, Ginger's car hits a tree. The frontman escapes without injury, but Ritch, a passenger in the car at the time, ends up in hospital with head and leg injuries.

27 June 1994 Suckerpunch is released as a single. It reaches number 38 in the UK chart.

29 June 1994 NME publish an interview with the band in which Ginger admits that The Wildhearts are on the verge of splitting up. He blames the situation on lack of conversation within the band.

4 July 1994 The first rumours that CJ has been sacked begin to circulate among fans.

13 July 1994 Kerrang! confirms that CJ has been sacked. CJ tells the magazine that he has no idea why.

20 July 1994 Kerrang! publish Ginger's side of the story. The frontman puts the sacking down to a personality clash. Ginger and CJ had apparently started to grow apart, having spent five years in the same band together. A new 'stand-in' guitarist is announced: ex-VAI frontman Devin Townsend.

August 1994 Issue three of Ginger Nuts! is published. It's reviewed by Howard Johnson in a half-page spread in RAW magazine.

24 August 1994 Devin Townsend makes his debut live appearance with The Wildhearts when they play the Norwich Oval.

25 August 1994 The band play JB's in Dudley. The gig replaces a headlining slot at the Black Country Free Festival, which was to have taken place in the car park of the recently-opened Xposure Rock Cafe in Merry Hill in the West Midlands, but was cancelled at the last minute when a public entertainment licence was refused. Danny's knee causes him much grief.

28 August 1994 The Wildhearts play the main stage at the Reading Festival, their last gig with Willie. Danny dislocates his knee early on and Ginger offers to "pop it back in" for him. The bassist plays the rest of the set sitting on a flight case. The band camp in the paying punters' field for the entire weekend, inviting fans to visit their tent for a chat.

31 August 1994 Kerrang! announce that CJ has been hard at work recording new material (described as a cross between The Beatles and The Clash) with Willie Dowling. The project is as yet unnamed, although names under consideration include Wart The Hog and Honeycrack.

September 1994 While on tour in Europe supporting Suicidal Tendencies, Ginger inadvertently starts a riot by throwing a TV out of a German hotel window. Riot police arrive and pin the band's tour manager, Booma, to the floor with a gun to his head.

13 November 1994 Ex-Grip / Cat People guitarist Mark Keen dies in a motorcycle accident in Wandsworth, south London. He was 33.

12 December 1994 Fishing For Luckies, a six-track mini-album, is released. The music press is unanimous in its praise. The so-called 'fan club' album is only available by mail order from the band's management.

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